Name: Tsubaki

Rank: Rogue

Appearance: Pretty sleek black she-cat w/ brown-ish swirls blended into her pelt. Blue eyes.

Personality: Tsubaki is a really calm she-cat that is hostile when she doesn't know you. She is sensitive when people are rude to her, though she will probably be rude to you back. Usually she is very mature and nice, and she doesn't like to swim. I mean AT ALL. If she goes near water, she will freak. out.

History: Tsubaki's father is a Dark Forest cat named Poisonclaw, and she has always been afraid of him. As a kit she never liked to go outside, because she watched her brother, Sora, get killed at an early age by a badger. She had to watch him get mauled, including her mother, and she couldn't do anything about it. As she grew older, she had one kit named Lightning, which also died later by a badger. She then became calm for the rest of her life, always thinking about her daughter, and her family getting killed by badgers.

Family: River (Mother, dead), Poisonclaw (Father, dead), Lightning (Daughter, dead), Sora (Brother, dead)

Extras: She is really scared of badgers. They killed her whole family.