Name: Swiftstream (RPed by Emerald)

Rank: Deputy

Appearance: Greyish smoke-coloured she-cat with silver stripes that stand out against her pelt and amber eyes.

Personality: Swiftstream is strict, kind and soft on her paws. She can be a little over-confident at times, swimming in a really swift river, or hunting in another Clan's hunting grounds. But she always gets through things, making her the Can deputy. She is strict when a cat visits another clan to see another cat mostly. But she can also be rude if a kittypet is in there territory or in the camp. If she doesn't know you, then she will be extra nice to you. She doesn't hunt birds at the best, but mostly fish. Swiftstream never is loud, and doesn't like to get her paws out of the water if she is fishing. If she sees another cat trespassing in LakeClan territory, her first instinct is to attack.

History: Swiftstream was born to Sandstripe and Reedtail. Sandstripe was very protective over Swiftstream when she was a kit, which makes her want to adventure all the time. Reedtail, her father, was the one who let her do anything she wanted. One day, a badger killed her father and she was devastated. Her devastation led to falling in love with a cat named Appleheart from LakeClan, and before they had kits, Swiftstream realized that Appleheart didn't really like her, and left him. Since then, she has always wanted kits of her own. Then she was choose to be deputy of LakeClan, and it was an honor. She has a crush on Redfire. Originally from NightClan, but was exiled for visiting Appleheart, and came across LakeClan, which was her clan ever since.

Family: Sandstripe (mother), Reedtail (father), Silentmist (sister), Lilyflower (sister), Redfire (mate), Silentkit, Soaringkit, (sons) Skykit, and Leafkit(daughters)

Extras: N/A