Welcome to StarClan...


You blink your eyes open to see slightly transparent cats standing before you. You sink your claws into the ground, but you don't stand up. Not yet. These cats look a bit creepy, with eyes dappled with stars and very pale mist swirling around their pelts and paws.

One of the cats steps forward. He's a dark grey tabby tom. He looks down at you, his eyes kind, yet firm. "Hello," he meows, and to your surprise, his voice sounds like it echoes, even though this is a wide open field. "My name is Jaystar."

You want to let out a cry, but your throat feels dry and you can't speak. You know that Jaystar was Ripplestar's dead father. And you're surrounded by other former LakeClan cats. You see the medicine cat apprentice Cloudpaw, who was drowned by a rogue. You see Fawnpaw, Dapplefur, Lightningheart... countless others, some you don't even know.

Jaystar flicks his ears. He bows his head, and the other cats follow suit. All of their voices combine into one sentence, one that will change your afterlife for as long as you are remembered.

"Welcome to StarClan."