Name: Soaringpaw (RPed by Emeh)

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Grey and white tom with light, turquoise-blue eyes. He has a light patch of silvery-blue on his belly, and soft, velvet-like ears.

'Personality': Soaringpaw is mostly like his father, laid-back and ready to pounce when needed to. Though, he has his mothers calmness, when he wants to be alone. He is up to anything that involves him being the proud leader, the hunter, not the prey, etc. He is not afraid of the water, and swims like a fish. His greatest tactic in battle and hunting, is swimming.

History: Soaringkit is mostly called mouse-brain or fox-dung by the other cats around the camp because they think he is too hyper active. But, he doesn't care because Redfire really loves him more than anything, and Swiftstream doesn't think he is the best, since Redfire is really rude to Silentpaw, and Soaringpaw reminds her of him. When he was a kit he got a really bad torn ear because he trains in the Dark Forest and that's where he got it. He fell in love with Dawnpaw, only to get turned down by her.

Family: Redfire (father), Swiftstream (mother), Leafkit, Skykit, and Silentkit (siblings).

Mentor: Blazefur