Name: Snowy (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Kittypet

Appearance: Snowy is a beautiful, pure-white she-cat with one pale blue eye and one pale green eye. She has small, delicate paws, long legs, a slender build, and extremely soft fur. She wears a purple collar with a pink, heart-shaped tag. Her nose is a pale pink, and is slightly heart-shaped.

Personality: Snowy is obsessed with her fur, keeping it as clean as possible. She believes that beauty is all that matters, and she supports this no matter what. She despises most wild-cats, but has a crush on Inigo. She loves her brother, Dess, even though he's only at the house half of the time. She is impatient and snappish, and hates having to wait for someone. She hates getting her fur dirty, and will obsessively clean it until it practically shines.

History: Snowy was born to two kittypets, Alice and Thumper, along with her brother Dess. She was adopted by her current owners, and she lives a life of luxury. She was raised on the fact that non-kittypets were viscious, bone-eating ruffians who cared only about murder. When she met Inigo, though, she fell in love with him, even though he's oblivious to this. She loves living with her owners, but explores the forest now and then.

Family: Alive (mother, deceased), Thumper (father, deceased), Dess (brother, alive)

Extras: None