Name: Skypaw (RPed by Whitefeather)


Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Black and light silver-gray she-kit with white ears, tail-tip, and paws. She has dark blue eyes and a plumy tail.

Personality: You can gladly say that Skykit is the bossiest of the group. Whenever you find her playing a game, she's probably dishing out the orders or the clan leader. She is very enthusiastic about becoming a warrior, and when her siblings want to rest (which rarely happens), she can be found practicing stalking and fishing.

History: Skypaw was born to Swiftstream and Redfire as the second oldest of her four siblings. As a kit, she was, well, bossy, and wanted to be the best warrior ever. And she recieved her mentor as the one and only Ripplestar.

Family: Swiftstream (Mother, alive); Redfire (Father, alive); Leafkit (Sister, alive); Silentkit and Soaringkit (brothers, alive)

Extras: None.

Mentor: Ripplestar