Name: Silversong (RPed by Flights)

Rank: StarClan / Medicine Cat

Appearance: Silversong is a beautiful silvery-blue tabby she-cat with soft, gentle blue eyes. She has white paws, a white tail tip, and a white chest with a dark heart-shaped dapple on it.

Personality: Silversong is sweet, gentle, and kind. She is very skilled with herbs, and can name each one of them only by its scent or texture. Despite this, she is far too modest. Silversong is often hit on by other cats, but doesn't respond. She doesn't want to fall in love like she had done with Splashstar. She is quick to tears, and is very emotional, similar to her son Crowpaw. She loves things that are cute, like kits. Silversong wishes only safety for her friends and family.

History: She wanted to be a medicine cat as soon as she was born. She trained alongside the first medicine cat, Larkflight, and when she got her name Silversong, she started to fall in love with the Clan leader Splashstar. When she found that she was expecting his kits, she confided in her best friend Blazeheart. Blazeheart said she'd take care of the kits, and Silversong said that she owed her friend. When Silversong gave birth to two young kits in leafbare, she was devastated when the young dark grey tom Silentkit died. Blazeheart adopted Crowkit and cared for him like he was her own son. Later, when Silversong was talking with Puddlestar, the second LakeClan leader, Crowkit heard them and ran off. Silversong let Blazeheart go after him, but her own son was ignoring her. After her apprentice, Nettlewhisker, got his name, Silversong poisoned herself, unable to take her son's ignoring her any longer. She died peacefully, however. When she met up with Crowpaw in StarClan, and after a few tears, Crowpaw forgave her.

Family: Splashstar (mate, deceased), Crowpaw, Silentkit (sons, deceased)

Death (if StarClan/Dark Forest): Died peacefully in her sleep after she poisoned herself