Name: Silverbreeze (RPed by Whitefeather)


Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Silverbreeze is a pale gray, almost white, she-cat, with black tabby stripes and sparkling green eyes.

Personality: Silverbreeze is a fairly shy cat, but not until you know her. She acts very mature for her age, it's a bit creepy! Silverbreeze also has the light habit of gently teasing Ravenfeather to go out of his comfort zone.

History: Silverbreeze was a kittypet going by the name Silver in the Twolegplace, where her housefolk weren't very nice. On the day before she was going to the Cutter, she escaped and was found and brought to LakeClan by Ripplestar.

Family: Not much is known about her family because she barely remembers them since she was taken away from them at an early age.

Extras: She has a small crush on Ravenfeather. Don't tell him!