Name: Silentpaw (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice

Appearance: Small dark-grey tom with silvery stripes on his flanks and soon-to-be amber eyes. He has tiny, near-delicate paws, and small ears with white dashes on the backs.

Personality: Silentpaw is the quietest of the four, and is more interested in herbs than in battle and hunting. His siblings insist that he start learning hunting techniques, but he doesn't want to learn. He is intelligent, and always wants to learn something, no matter what it is (unless it involves something physical, like hunting). He would much rather be curled up in the shade with Swiftstream than playing with his siblings. Redfire, his father, wants him to be a warrior like him, but of course, Silentpaw doesn't care for warrior duties. Now that he's a medicine cat apprentice, he's overjoyed, but his father spites him. He is the oldest of the litter.

History: As a kit, he was always interested in herbs, and never in warrior training like his siblings. His father wanted him to become a warrior, and maybe take after his mother, and upset him to the point of making this normally-mature kit cry. When he became an apprentice, he was apprenticed to Jaysong, the medicine cat, and some cats were surprised, and some even angered.

Family: Swiftstream (mother, alive), Redfire (father, alive), Skypaw, Leafpaw, and Soaringpaw (siblings, all alive)

Mentor: Jaysong