Shimmerwhisker Edit

(RPed by Vaporeon)

Name: Shimmerwhisker

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Dark grey(almost black) she-cat w/ blue stripes and turquoise eyes. Her whiskers have a faint shimmering to them in the moonlight.

Personality (must be detailed!): Shimmerwhisker is kind of hostile, and territorial. She is very protective over her kits, and everything. She isn't kind to rogues or upwalkers, or outclanners. In fact, she isn't really nice to anyone. She loves to go out at night, all the time. Shimmerwhisker is actually nocturnal, and only is nice when she goes out at night. Some cats like Flames, her old companion call her "Bat cat". She can't really stay calm, and is pretty fierce. If anyone ever called her this, she would claw your throat out(probably). She is as prickly as a thorn, and is not sensitive at all.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Shimmer(back then) was born a rogue. She lived the good life, hunting well, and sleeping in warm places. Until her parents got ripped apart and killed by a huge hawk. Shimmer was devastated. She went on wailing for seasons at a time, waiting for somebody to come take her away somewhere. One time she got so restless, she went out at night. Shimmer loved the night since, because she says, it holds all of the worlds mysteries. That was all she did for a few moons, was go out at night, and stay out until dawn. Then, she met a rogue named Dragon, and fell in love with him. When she figured out that he was planning to abandon her for another she-cat, she became hostile, and territorial. Shimmer didn't like anyone ever since. She stumbled upon LakeClan, and Ripplestar excepted her into the clan with no problems. Shimmer became Shimmerwhisker, and has stayed on her own side of the world since she came into the clan.

Family: Unknown. The only thing that I can tell you was her mate was Dragon.

Extras: She misses her siblings so much, that she wants to go to StarClan, but she knows that she has a great destiny ahead of her.