Name: Shadowkit (RPed by Flights)

Rank: StarClan / Kit

Appearance: Shadowkit is a fluffy black-furred tom with soft, sky-blue eyes (he never aged to where his eyes could change). He has white-tipped ears and a white dapple on his nose, which is black. He has tiny paws, with each toe being white.

Personality: Shadowkit is a happy-go-lucky young kit, and he is always happy, sometimes to the point where it's creepy. He loves attempting to hunt, but always fails. He has none of the assumed wisdom StarClan cats have, and he's oblivious to this fact, so he's always trying and failing to be wise. He gets bored easily, and sometimes even mocks older cats because he finds them boring. He likes when Ripplestar comes to see him in her dreams, and is always the first to jump up to her cheerily. He loves to act like a leader, and always assumes control of a situation.

History: Shadowkit was born to Jaystar and Moonstone, two very important cats in LakeClan. When Shadowkit and his sister, Ripplekit, were one moon old, Shadowkit snuck out of camp and got attacked by a fox. He was killed instantly, and would've been taken away if Clan warriors hadn't shown up. Shadowkit didn't know that he was dead, so when a StarClan cat came to take him to StarClan, he tried to go back to camp. Eventually, though, he agreed to go with the cat. He was adopted by one of the StarClan she-cats until Moonstone reached StarClan. Later, he gave Ripplemist one of her nine lives. He gave her a life of optimism, to look on the bright side no matter how dim it might be.

Family: His mother is a deceased she-cat named Moonstone, and his father is Jaystar, the previous Clan leader. His sister is Ripplestar, the current leader of LakeClan.

Extras: Ripplestar named a rogue kit after him.