Name: Shadowfire (RPed by Emerald)

Rank: StarClan / Warrior

Appearance: A midnight black she-cat with a beautiful dappled grey-and-gold pelt. Her eyes are cyan-blue and her two front paws are white. The back paws are grey, and she has a golden muzzle.

Personality (must be detailed!): Shadowfire is a quiet, timid and ambitious she-cat. She doesn't like to do anything wrong, or interrupt anyone if they are doing something important. She likes to go night hunting, and loves to be alone. She is usually with a kit named Stormkit, her son. She never will look at you with fear if you start a fight, and she isn't scared of any cat because of how calm she is. If someone sneaks up on her alone, she'll claw your ears off. Shadowfire was a really loyal warrior, so oddly, she is picked for a lot of prophecies to deliver.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Her mother is Ravensky, and the she-cat died right when Shadowfire was born. She never got to know her father, which is a Dark Forest Warrior named Talonstripe. Shadowkit wasn't very playful, and she didn't have much talent. All she liked to do was hear the birds, listen to the wind. It never came in mind to her that she would ever have kits of her own, her mate Stormblaze. But, when she was giving birth to her kits, her mate started to turn on her, fallling in love with a rogue named Flames. Tragic, because she named the oldest Stormkit, the only part of Stormblaze left of her. Stormkit eventually died, escaping into a vicious battle and getting killed straight on. But there was nothing Shadowfire could do. So, she made believe that nothing was wrong, and she had no depression at all. One day she was so destracted from her sadness that she fell for Deathberry's trick, and got killed by Deathberries.

Family: Stormblaze (Mate), Blackflame(Sister), Stormkit(Kit, deceased), Ravensky(Mother, deceased).

Extras: Shadowfire has a playful side, now that she is Starclan with her kit and her mother again.