Name: Shadedrose (RPed by Vee)

Rank: Rogue

Appearance: Shadedrose is a beautiful jet-black she-cat with white toes on her forepaws and hind paws, with one of her forepaws having an extra toe on it. She has a patch of white on her chest, stretching up to her throat and down to her belly. She has soft, misty green eyes.


'Personality': Shadedrose is cold and dark towards any cat that likes LakeClan. She is set on destroying the Clan, but she's only one cat, and isn't able to do that. Yet. She won't warm up to anyone, and will act like she's an ally before stabbing the one that believed her in the back. She is wary of everyone because of how she was betrayed when she was an apprentice, and she refuses any kindness others show her. Shadedrose can stay icily calm, and can kill with the same icy calmness. There are many rumors about her.

History: Shadedrose was kitted along with her siblings Thrushkit and Brightkit. She was Rosekit at the time, and when she found her brother dead and with Clan scent on his body, Rosekit knew that he'd been killed by a Clan warrior. After his burial, Stormcloud was also killed with the same scent on her body. Rosekit and Brightkit were devastated, but kept going on in life. Just as they became apprentices, Brightpaw was killed with the same death as her family: Force-fed deathberries. Again, later, when Rosepaw became a warrior (Rosestorm), a LakeClan warrior approached her with a dock leaf stuffed with deathberries. Rosestorm managed to avoid eating the deathberries, and instead stuffed every single one of the deathberries down the warrior's throat. The medicine cat Jaysong witnessed this, and told Ripplestar. She begged the leader to give Rosestorm another chance, but Ripplestar, blind with terror for her Clan's safety, renamed and exiled Rosestorm. She was renamed Shadedrose, and the former warrior vowed revenge on the Clan and would stop at nothing to get it.

Family: Stormcloud (mother, deceased), Thrushkit (brother, deceased), Brightpaw (sister, deceased)