Name: Sandstripe

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Light ginger tabby she-cat with dark red stripes and amber eyes.

Personality: Sandstripe is a really nice she-cat, patient with others that don't like her, and kind to others that do. When she doesn't get enough sleep, or is sleeping in an unusual place, she gets snappy. She enjoys being around other cats, whether the cat is a part of a different Clan, or from LakeClan. Sandstripe doesn't like elders that much, and will try to be as nice as she can to them.

History: Sandstripe is a cat that fell in love with one from another clan, though in her heart she knew she was loved by Reedtail, so she decided to become his mate. When she was an apprentice, she made fun of Reedtail a bit, but as he and she grew older, they realized they loved each other. Swiftkit is the best thing in her life, and she would protect her even if it costs her life. She would never do anything to hurt anyone.

Family: Reedtail (mate), Swiftstream (daughter), Silentmist (daughter, deceased)

Extras: N/A