(Roleplayed by Ebonyfire)

Name: Roseshadow

Rank: Rogue

Appearance: Roseshadow is a very small, young, pale cream-brown tabby she-cat with small, delicate paws, a thin tail, and leaf-green eyes. She has scars all over her flanks, and a thick one over her eye.

Personality (must be detailed!): Roseshadow is extremely shy and introverted, timid and afraid of almost everything and everyone. She's loyal to her family and friends, but cannot defend them, usually with a half-hearted hiss. She never gets jealous or angry, but is never happy or care-free. She always worries over something, and breaks down easily.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Roseshadow was born with her two siblings, Cloudkit and Lakekit, with her loving mother Shadowwhisker. Her siblings ignored her, but never bullied her, and she always stuck by her mother since her father was killed by a rogue. She became an apprentice alongside her siblings, but a few moons later, on a patrol alongside her mother, a rogue attacked them and killed Shadowwhisker. She was devastated, and instead of running back to the clan, she sat there and cried. Another patrol found them, and guessed what happened. However, Cloudpaw was on that patrol, and blamed Rosepaw for killing their mother. Cloudpaw was very persuasive, and the patrol believed him. She was brought back to camp with word of her "murdering" Shadowwhisker, and when Ripplestar decided her fate, because of majority, she had to cast Rosepaw out. Rosepaw cried and ran straight on out of clan territory, and cried herself to sleep. The next day, she woke up, and gave herself a warrior ceremony, giving her the name of Roseshadow. Eavesdropping on a patrol a few moons later, she learned that Cloudpaw and Lakepaw had earned their warrior names as well, Cloudwhisker and Lakeshimmer.

Family: Shadowwhisker (Mother, deceased), Foxtail (Father, deceased), Cloudwhisker (Brother, alive), Lakeshimmer (Sister, alive)

Extras: N/A

Death (if StarClan/Dark Forest): N/A