Name: Ripplestar (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Ripplestar is a soft-furred silver tabby she-cat with pale sky-blue eyes. She has small paws, a short, fluffy tail, and a rather lithe build. Her nose is sort of a soft dusty-pink, as are her paw pads and the insides of her ears. She has extremely-soft white fur on her chest and underbelly, and her hind paws are also white.

Personality: Ripplestar is a very caring leader, and is always fair but firm. She treats her Clan like she would her kits, and always cares for them like a medicine cat. She is kind and calm, and very patient, even if the other cat(s) act rude and hateful toward her. She doesn't hold grudges and makes sure her Clan is always peaceful. She dislikes foxes ever since her little brother died so many moons ago. Ripplestar always tries her best to lead her Clan, but sometimes seeks advice from the medicine cat or the elders.

History: She was born to Jaystar and Moonstone, two very important cats in LakeClan. When Ripplekit and her brother were one moon old, Shadowkit sneaked away and was attacked by a fox. Jaystar showed up to rescue Shadowkit, but not in time. Shadowkit died, but Moonstone kept that information from Ripplekit until she asked if he would be okay. Ripplekit didn't take the news well, and vowed to kill every fox she met until there were no more foxes left to kill. When she became a warrior, a rogue kit was abandoned near their camp, so Ripplekit - now Ripplemist, cared for the kit. After the kit became an apprentice, he was accused of murder. Ripplemist naturally defended him, but her defending was in vain, as the apprentice was exiled. She knows not of his whereabouts, but she hopes to find him soon. After she was appointed deputy, she was almost drowned after falling into the lake, which was covered with a sheet of ice. Jaystar saved her, but at the cost of his last life. Ripplemist became leader afterward, and she has nine lives.

Family: Her mother is a deceased she-cat named Moonstone, and her father is Jaystar, the previous Clan leader. Her brother is Shadowkit, who died when he was one moon old due to a fox attacking and killing him. She cared for a rogue kit, whom she named Shadowkit, after her brother, until he was exiled as an apprentice.

Extras: None