Name: Reedtail

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Black tom with grey eyes. He has a striped, white tail.

Personality: Reedtail isn't really the leader type. He doesn't talk much, although when he does, he is usually nice. He likes to be quiet and determined. Reedtail likes to do what is right, and doesn't challenge the warrior code, and never has in his life. If somebody is challenging him, he likes to stay calm, and work things out, but if the cat is just completely hostile towards him, he will walk away, letting Ripplestar figure it out. He gladly likes to swim, and will stay in the water all day if he has to. Hunting fish is a challenge for him, though.

History: Reedkit was one that liked to explore a lot. One day, he went out and almost drowned in the lake when it was over-flooded. This led him to hate water for a couple of moons, but when he became an apprentice, he liked to swim and has never stopped loving it. He liked Sandpaw when he was an apprentice, and she wasn't fond of him, though when they became warriors they had a kit named Swiftkit. They watched her grow up and become the Deputy, and he always brags about it to the other cats in a gathering. He is now a great hunter, and a great warrior at heart.

Family: Sandstripe (mate), Swiftstream (daughter), Silentmist (daughter, deceased)