Name: Redfire (RPed by Emerald)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Fire-like red tom with one black paw and blue eyes.

Personality: Redfire is a loyal, hard working tom that never backs down. He is very brave and a good warrior. Sometimes he brags and he hates when people call him names. Redfire never starts any fights at all, and is really keen when on a patrol and someone needs him to track something down. He is a proud, fierce warrior, that sometimes leads him into trouble. He wouldn't dream on having kits, yet he did, because he secretly fell in love with Swiftstream(I DONT FREAKING KNOW...?). Redfire does like to battle, but he isn't the best at it(Now that Swiftstream and him had kits, they are no longer mates).

History: He is Clanborn and born to a rogue named Cola, and a warrior named Tigerfrost, so he isn't an full-blooded LakeClan cat. When Redfire was just a kit, his mother hated him, so she gave him to Tigerfrost to raise him in LakeClan. He doesn't know who his mother is, and he thinks he is full LakeClan. Tigerfrost doesn't pay much attention to him, now that he is older. Redfire doesn't like she-cats that much and the only she-cat he respects is his Clan leader.

Family: Tigerfrost (father), Cola (mother), Swiftstream (mate, alive), Soaringkit and Silentkit (sons, alive)) Skykit and Leafkit (daughters, alive)

Extras: He has a fire-shaped spot on his chest that is ginger-red.