Name: Ravenfeather (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Ravenfeather is a thin yet lithe jet-black tom with a white dash on his chest, eartips, and tailtip. He has soft, pale-blue eyes. He has small paws, slender legs, and a long, thin tail. He has short, fox-like ears. He has a thick ruff of fur around his neck, with the tips of the fur being feathery and white.

Personality: Ravenfeather is timid and skittish, and afraid of everything - sometimes even his own shadow! He is quiet and reserved, and others often tease him because they know that they can get away with it. He grows more and more skittish over the days, and some days he won't even leave the apprentices' den. This caused trouble for his training, and Ripplestar had to change his mentor to a more tolerant-yet-firm warrior to keep up with the skittish apprentice's training. Ravenfeather can't stand it when others taunt him, and wishes to become braver, but he just can't be brave. He's also failing as a romantic - he can't take a hint to save his life, though he did find out that Silverbreeze likes him after a long while of intense thought. He has become braver since becoming a warrior, but not by much. He's still pretty skittish.

History: Ravenfeather was born in the Clan, but one night he was kidnapped along with his sister Runningkit. He and Runningkit were left with Twolegs for almost three moons when Ripplestar and three of her warriors came to rescue him. The two kits were taken back to camp, and they quickly readjusted to Clan life. Ravenkit, for one, hated living with the Twolegs. There was also a huge dog there, and it always barked at him. Another cat was there, and the cat often slashed at him with its paws (and sometimes its claws). Ravenkit became traumatized by that lifestyle, and that's where his timid nature sprang up from. Later, Runningkit ventured away from camp, with Ravenkit following and trying to take her back.  A fox attacked the two, and again warriors came to save them. Though, instead of two, only one got out of that fight alive. Ravenkit was traumatized even further, and still dreams of his sister being slaughtered by the fox.

Family: Runningkit (sister, deceased)