Nightstar Edit

(RPed by White)

Rank: StarClan warrior/Leader

Appearance: Nightstar is a large, sturdy she-cat with broad shoulders, long claws, and thick, glossy jet-black fur. She has large paws and a long bushy tail. Her eyes are an extreme shade of emerald-green, and she is practically transparent.

Personality(must be detailed!): Nightstar is an ancient ShadowClan leader who had joined StarClan many, many seasons before LakeClan was founded. She is slightly paranoid, thinking of her clanmates that had faded so many generations before. The only reason why she is alive is because of Razeclaw, who was her old friend reincarnated. Her friends help keep her sanity, but when she is calm and thinking straight, she is very intelligent and understandable. She's some cat you'd talk to when you have problems, but not when she's in her paranoid mood.

History(no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Nightstar, then Nightkit, was born to Goldstar, the ShadowClan leader after Rowanstar many, many generations ago. She had an older sibling, Stripekit, who soon became the medicine cat as Stripefur. Nightkit, now Nightpaw, trained to become the best warrior in all of the clans, and in a battle, she earned her name, Nightslash, but at the cost of her mother, Silverblaze, who died in the battle. Devastated, she got over her mother's death in a few moons and worked hard again, having a fierce ambition of becoming leader. She noticed that her best friend, Whitespirit, was acting strangely, saying things in her sleep and seeing far off at no one. She fell in love with a tom called Brokenheart, and had three kits, Shadowkit, Redkit, and Leafkit. Goldstar soon appointed her deputy, and two moons later, while taking a border patrol with Goldstar, Brokenheart, and Whitespirit, Whitespirit suddenly turned on them, and killed Goldstar. Without thinking, Nightslash killed Whitespirit, but apologized to her old friend as Whitespirit revealed why she did so. She went to the Moonpool and earned her nine lives, and appointed her deputy as Blackspeckle, the tom who had a crush on her. There was a storm, and in it, Blackspeckle died, and as Nightstar was dragged from the water by her apprentice, Flamewhisker, she appointed her son, Shadowheart (now) deputy, and joined StarClan. Nightstar has been in StarClan for a very long time, and she is practically invisible.

Family: Silverblaze (Mother, desceased), Goldstar (Father, desceased), Stripefur (Sister, desceased), Brokenheart (Mate, desceased), Shadowstar (Son, desceased), Redfeather (Daughter, desceased), Leafstorm (Daughter, desceased).

Extras: Once you understand Nightstar's thoughts, she's actually been driven mad by grief since she saw so many of her friends pass and fade, and wishes she could join them.