Name: Morgan (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Loner

Appearance: Morgan is a very pale silvery-blue tabby tom with a white chest, front paws, and tailtip. He has pale-green eyes, a long tail, and small paws. He has dark markings on his face, mostly just stripes running down his forehead.

Personality: Morgan is naive, but even so has sharp senses and swift movements. He is very modest, and will degrade himself because of this. He is also determined to accomplish something, anything. He wants to be a hero, but he often wonders how he can do that if he couldn't save his mother. He always tries to look on the bright side of things, and often succeeds, but sometimes he tries to look on the bright side in a time of danger, which is an inconvienience to all.

History: Morgan was born in an evil group of cats along with his brother Inigo. His father, whose name was Snarl, hated the two, and tried to kill them when they were four moons old. Olivia sacrificed herself for the brothers, and the two were insulted and thrown out of the group. Fortunately, a Clan cat found them wandering around the forest, but it was three moons after they'd been thrown out. They had taught themselves how to hunt, but they were still thin. They were raised by the Clan for another moon, but the two siblings left, thinking that LakeClan was like the group they'd been kicked out of. The Clan was sad to see them go, but Inigo thought that it was just false sorrow. He was actually happy to leave, but Morgan was a bit reluctant, yet he was still relieved when the two left.

Family: Inigo (brother, alive), Olivia (mother, dead), Snarl (father, possibly alive)

Extras: His Clan name - which he disliked - was Leafpaw.