Name: Moonsplash (RPed by Whitefeather)


Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Moonsplash is a dark brown, black, and golden tortoiseshell-and-white with splashes of white on her pelt; she has thick fur and a long, bushy tail, tipped with white. On her forehead is a little crescent moon, earning her name. She has playful, bright blue eyes.

Personality: Moonsplash is the most optimistic cat you will ever meet! Almost nothing can dampen her spirits, and she keeps the mood lively and cheerful, almost a complete opposite of her sister, Jaysong. If a cat is rude or hateful to her, she honestly won't realize it and will keep chatting about nice things, usually turning their mood into HAPPY.

History: Her mother, a silver she-cat called Haven (loner) and her father, a brown tabby called Prince (loner) were killed when Moon (at the time) and Jay (her sister) were kits, five moons old. They were found wandering around in the woods by Ripplestar and brought into LakeClan. They were accepted into the clan, and given the names Moonpaw and Jaypaw respectively.

Family: Moonsplash's mother was a silver she-cat named Haven, whom was killed in an earthquake. Her father, Prince, a brown tabby, was also killed in the earthquake. Her sister, the only surviving family member, Jaysong, is currently the medicine cat of LakeClan.

Apprentice: Dawnpaw