Name: Leafpaw (RPed by Emerald)

Rank: Apprentice(Okay, just pertend she didn't die, kai?~)

Appearance: Small-built tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat with a dappled black muzzle, light, soft-blue eyes and a dark pink nose. She is the smallest of the litter, being the last that was born.

'Personality': Leafpaw is an adventerous she-kit that loves to train. She would stay as an apprentice FOREVER if she had to. But, when she isn't training, she is thinking about training. Leafkit loves to do anything active, basically. She is mostly fun-loving, but not always. She is sometimes depressed, and she likes to be alone. Her siblings are her comfort, most always. Leafpaw doesn't like to sit around all the time. She'd rather be out in the open, on a patrol, ect. She would do anything to stop herself from sitting around.

History: Leafpaw was always very cheerful, and she loved to be around her siblings always. Everytime something happened or something was happening to them, she would run out of camp to help them. When Leafpaw was /a bit older than/ six moons old, she was on a patrol with her mentor. She said that her chest had been hurting that morning, and when they got back from the patrol, she collapsed on the floor and died. But, a cat that is from StarClan and has been for a long time gave her a second chance.

Family: Swiftstream (Mother), Redfire (Father), Silentpaw, Skypaw, Soaringpaw (Siblings, all alive)