You walk along a wide  forest trail, your paws weary from travel. Your throat is dry and you just want to sleep.

You're about to give up when you notice a strange shimmering. With a start, you realize that it's a lake. Looks like the spirits weren't as cruel to you as you thought, hmm? You run ahead and feel your paws splash into the cold, refreshing water. You lower your head to take a drink, but you freeze when a voice calls out to you.

"Hey! Who are you?"

You whirl around to see a silvery-blue tabby tom, whose eyes are actually curious. His tail waves as he mews, "I've never seen you 'round here before. I should take you to Ripplestar... well, come on!" He says as he turns back to the forest. "Ripplestar's real nice. She won't hurt you. 'Kay?"

You nod wordlessly, then chase the young cat through the forest, finding it hard to keep up in such a weak state. Eventually you come to a small path flanked by ferns. The ferns tickle your ears as you push your way through them, but it doesn't seem to bother the silver tabby.

After a short walk through the tunnel, your jaw drops as you come into a clearing full of cats. Old to young, they all look at peace with one another. You'd never seen anything like it back in your old home.

The tabby seems happy as he trills, "Welcome to LakeClan!"

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