Name: Ripplestar

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Ripplestar is a soft-furred silver tabby she-cat with pale sky-blue eyes. She has small paws, a short, fluffy tail, and a rather lithe build. Her nose is sort of a soft dusty-pink, as are her paw pads and the insides of her ears. She has extremely-soft white fur on her chest and underbelly, and her hind paws are also white.

Personality: Ripplestar is a very caring leader, and is always fair but firm. She treats her Clan like she would her kits, and always cares for them like a medicine cat. She is kind and calm, and very patient, even if the other cat(s) act rude and hateful toward her. She doesn't hold grudges and makes sure her Clan is always peaceful. She dislikes foxes ever since her little brother died so many moons ago. Ripplestar always tries her best to lead her Clan, but sometimes seeks advice from the medicine cat or the elders.

History: She was born to Jaystar and Moonstone, two very important cats in LakeClan. When Ripplekit and her brother were one moon old, Shadowkit sneaked away and was attacked by a fox. Jaystar showed up to rescue Shadowkit, but not in time. Shadowkit died, but Moonstone kept that information from Ripplekit until she asked if he would be okay. Ripplekit didn't take the news well, and vowed to kill every fox she met until there were no more foxes left to kill. When she became a warrior, a rogue kit was abandoned near their camp, so Ripplekit - now Ripplemist, cared for the kit. After the kit became an apprentice, he was accused of murder. Ripplemist naturally defended him, but her defending was in vain, as the apprentice was exiled. She knows not of his whereabouts, but she hopes to find him soon. After she was appointed deputy, she was almost drowned after falling into the lake, which was covered with a sheet of ice. Jaystar saved her, but at the cost of his last life. Ripplemist became leader afterward, and she has nine lives.

Family: Her mother is a deceased she-cat named Moonstone, and her father is Jaystar, the previous Clan leader. Her brother is Shadowkit, who died when he was one moon old due to a fox attacking and killing him. She cared for a rogue kit, whom she named Ripplekit, until he was exiled as an apprentice.

Extras: None

made and approved by Flighty~



Name: Swiftstream

Rank: Deputy

Appearance: Grey-ish smoke coloured she-cat w/ silver stripes that stand out against her pelt and amber eyes.

Personality: Swiftstream is strict, kind and soft on her paws. She can be a little over-confident at times, swimming in a really swift river, or hunting in another clans' hunting grounds. But she always gets through things, making her the clan deputy. She is strict when a cat visits another clan to see another cat mostly. But she can also be rude if a kittypet is in there territory or in the camp. If she doesn't know you, then she will be extra nice to you. She doesn't hunt birds at the best, but mostly fish. Swiftstream never is loud, and doesn't like to get her paws out of the water if she is fishing. If she sees another cat trespassing in Lakeclan territory, her first instinct is to attack. Wants kits.

History: Swiftstream was born to Sandstripe and Reedtail(Which will be made). Sandstripe was very protective over Swiftstream when she was a kit, which makes her want to adventure all the time. Reedtail, her father, was the one who let her do anything she wanted. One day, a badger killed her father and she was devistated. Her devistation led to falling in love with a cat named Appleheart from Lakeclan, and before they had kits, Swiftstream realized that Appleheart didn't really like her, and left him. Since then, she has always wanted kits of her own. Then she was choosen to be Deputy of Lakeclan, and it was an honor. She has a crush on Redpelt(Which will be created). Originally from Nightclan, but was exiled for visiting Appleheart, and came across Lakeclan, which was her clan ever since.

Family: Sandstripe(mother), Reedtail(Father, deceased), Silentmist(Sister), Lilyflower(Sister).

Extras: N/A

Made by Emeh

-I'll just assume PineClan is a distant Clan. There aren't any other Clans (yet?). But anyway, add in her appearance and I'll approve her. ~Flights

-Approved! ~Flights



Name: Redfire

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Fire-like red tom w/ one black paw and blue eyes.

Personality: Redfire is a loyal, hard working tom that never backs down. He is very brave and a good warrior. Sometimes he brags and he hates when people call him names. Redfire never starts any fights at all, and is really keen when on a patrol and someone needs him to track something down. He is a proud, fierce Warrior, that sometimes leads him into trouble. He wouldn't dream on having kits. Redfire does like to battle, but he isn't the best at it.

History: He is clan-born and born to a Rogue named Cola, and a Warrior named Tigerfrost, so he isn't an full blooded Lakeclan cat. When Redfire was just a kit, his mother hated him, so she gave him to Tigerfrost to raise him in Lakeclan. He doesn't know who his mother is, and he thinks he is full Lakeclan. Tigerfrost doesn't pay much attention to him, now that he is older. Redfire doesn't like she-cats that much and the only she-cat he respects is his clan leader.

Family: Tigerfrost(Father, will be made), Cola(Mother, will be made).

Extras: He has a fire-shaped spot on his chest that is ginger-red.

Made and approved(I think I can approve him because I am an admin) by Emerald


Name: Ravenpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Ravenpaw is a thin yet lithe jet-black tom with a white dash on his chest, eartips, and tailtip. He has soft, pale-blue eyes. He has small paws, slender legs, and a long, thin tail. He has short, fox-like ears. He has a thick ruff of fur around his neck, with the tips of the fur being feathery and white.

'Personality': Ravenpaw is timid and skittish, and afraid of everything - sometimes even his own shadow! He is quiet and reserved, and others often tease him because they know that they can get away with it. He grows more and more skittish over the days, and some days he won't even leave the apprentices' den. This causes trouble for his training, and Ripplestar had to change his mentor to a more tolerant-yet-firm warrior to keep up with Ravenpaw's training. He hasn't become braver since then; in fact, he's become more of a coward! Ravenpaw can't stand it when others taunt him, and wishes to become braver, but he just can't be brave.

History: Ravenpaw was born in the Clan, but one night he was kidnapped along with his sister Runningkit. He and Runningkit were left with Twolegs for almost three moons when Ripplestar and three of her warriors came to rescue him. The two kits were taken back to camp, and they quickly readjusted to Clan life. Ravenkit, for one, hated living with the Twolegs. There was also a huge dog there, and it always barked at him. Another cat was there, and the cat often slashed at him with its paws (and sometimes its claws). Ravenkit became traumatized by that lifestyle, and that's where his timid nature sprang up from. Later, Runningkit ventured away from camp, with Ravenkit following and trying to take her back.  A fox attacked the two, and again warriors came to save them. Though, instead of two, only one got out of that fight alive. Ravenkit was traumatized even further, and still dreams of his sister being slaughtered by the fox.

Family: Runningkit (sister, deceased)

Extras: None

-made and approved by Flights~



Name: Eaglefeather

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: lithe tortoiseshell and brown-ish she-cat w/ black paws and blue eyes.

Personality (must be detailed!): Eagelfeather is a smart, swift she-cat that isn't afraid to under-estimate anyone. She is snappy when she wants to be, and rude to almost everyone. Toms like her, but she turns them down easily, making them sad. She likes people that have true emotions, not people that are fake and rude, even though she is rude all the time. When she is around her crush(Emberheart), she goes on a patrol, or anything to get her away from him.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): She was a rogue named Feather, but decided to live the clan life, saying that rogues are to lazy, and things like that. Eaglefeathers mother was Echo, and her father was Okami. She is rude, because she was the litter-mate that was least liked by her father, so she made a plan. She killed her father, by setting a trap next to the Thunderpath, and no body knows but her. Now she is rude and snappy to almost everyone. Her best friend that she hangs out with in Lakeclan camp is Swiftstream.

Family: Echo(Mother), Okami(Father, deceased).

Extras: She is sensitive around fire.

Made and approved by Emeh

Inigo and Morgan[3]Edit


Name: Inigo

Rank: Loner

Appearance: Inigo is a light silver-blue with white hind paws, a white tailtip and eartips, and faint stripes running down his back and the sides of his face. He has a shortish tail, which has dark rings around it, similar to a raccoon's. He has pale-blue eyes that seem to glow at night.

'Personality': Inigo is rather sensitive, and his emotion can quickly change depending on the situation. One moment he can be calm, and if he's insulted, the next moment he'll be outraged. He hates any cat that stays in a group due to his past. He is quite pessimistic, but doesn't show it. Inigo likes being around his brother because he's all that's left of his family. He feels guilty about his mother's death, but Morgan (his brother) tries to make him feel not guilty, though his attempts to cheer him up work only sometimes. Aside from that, Inigo tries to act optimistic.

History: Inigo was born in an evil group of cats along with his brother Morgan. His father, whose name was Snarl, hated the two, and tried to kill them when they were four moons old. Olivia sacrificed herself for the brothers, and the two were insulted and thrown out of the group. Fortunately, a Clan cat found them wandering around the forest, but it was three moons after they'd been thrown out. They had taught themselves how to hunt, but they were still thin. They were raised by the Clan for another moon, but the two siblings left, thinking that LakeClan was like the group they'd been kicked out of. The Clan was sad to see them go, but Inigo thought that it was just false sorrow. He was actually happy to leave, but Morgan was a bit reluctant, yet he was still relieved when the two left.

Family: Morgan (brother, alive), Olivia (mother, dead), Snarl (father, possibly alive)

Extras: His Clan name - which he never responded to - was Silverpaw.


Name: Morgan

Rank: Loner

Appearance: Morgan is a very pale silvery-blue tabby tom with a white chest, front paws, and tailtip. He has pale-green eyes, a long tail, and small paws. He has dark markings on his face, mostly just stripes running down his forehead.

'Personality': Morgan is naive, but even so has sharp senses and swift movements. He is very modest, and will degrade himself because of this. He is also determined to accomplish something, anything. He wants to be a hero, but he often wonders how he can do that if he couldn't save his mother. He always tries to look on the bright side of things, and often succeeds, but sometimes he tries to look on the bright side in a time of danger, which is an inconvienience to all.

History: Morgan was born in an evil group of cats along with his brother Inigo. His father, whose name was Snarl, hated the two, and tried to kill them when they were four moons old. Olivia sacrificed herself for the brothers, and the two were insulted and thrown out of the group. Fortunately, a Clan cat found them wandering around the forest, but it was three moons after they'd been thrown out. They had taught themselves how to hunt, but they were still thin. They were raised by the Clan for another moon, but the two siblings left, thinking that LakeClan was like the group they'd been kicked out of. The Clan was sad to see them go, but Inigo thought that it was just false sorrow. He was actually happy to leave, but Morgan was a bit reluctant, yet he was still relieved when the two left.

Family: Inigo (brother, alive), Olivia (mother, dead), Snarl (father, possibly alive)

Extras: His Clan name - which he disliked - was Leafpaw.

-made and approved by Flights~


Name: Reedtail

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Black tom w/ grey eyes. Has a striped, white tail.

Personality (must be detailed!): Reedtail isn't really the leader type. He doesn't talk much, although when he does, he is usually nice. He likes to be quiet and determined. Reedtail likes to do what is right, and doesn't challenge the warrior code, and never has in his life. If somebody is challenging him, he likes to stay calm, and work things out, but if the cat is just completely hostile towards him, he will walk away, letting Ripplestar figure it out. He gladly likes to swim, and will stay in the water all day if he has to. Hunting fish is a challenge for him, though.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Reedkit was one that liked to explore a lot. One day, he went out and almost drowned in the lake when it was over-flooded. This led him to hate water for a couple of moons, but when he became an apprentice, he liked to swim and has never stopped loving it. He liked Sandpaw when he was an apprentice, and she wasn't fond of him, though when they became warriors they had a kit named Swiftkit. They watched her grow up and become the Deputy, and he always brags about it to the other cats in a gathering. He is now a great hunter, and a great warrior at heart.

Family: Sandstripe(Mate), Swiftstream(Daughter), Silentmist(Daughter, deceased)

Extras: He had a sibling named Owlkit, but she got killed when she escaped into battle.


Name: Sandstripe

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Light ginger tabby she-cat w/ dark red stripes and amber eyes.

Personality (must be detailed!): Sandstripe is a really nice she-cat, patient with others that don't like her, and kind to others that do. When she doesn't get enough sleep, or is sleeping in an unusual place, she gets snappy. She enjoys being around other cats, whether the cat is a part of a different clan, or from Lakeclan. Sandstripe doesn't like elders that much, and will try to be as nice as she can to them.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Sandstripe is a cat that fell in love with one from another clan, though in her heart she knew she was loved by Reedtail, so she decided to become his mate. When she was an apprentice, she made fun of Reedtail a bit, but as he and she grew older, they realized they loved each other. Swiftkit is the best thing in her life, and she would protect her even if it costs her life. She would never do anything to hurt anyone.

Family: Reedtail(Mate), Swiftstream(Daughter), Silentmist(Daughter, deceased)

Extras: N/A

Both made and approved by Emerald~

Ashwhisker and EchokitEdit


Name: Ashwhisker

Rank: Queen

Appearance: Ashwhisker is a short-furred dark-grey she-cat with soft, turquoise eyes. She has a short tail, a nick in her left ear, and small white paws.

'Personality': Ashwhisker is kind and gentle toward her kit, and will fiercely defend her kit with her life. Toward other cats, Ashwhisker is snappish and hates when cats don't do what she says. She doesn't like when others insult her or Echokit, and she will retort using her claws. Secretly, she wishes for Echokit to have a father, because she lied to Echokit about how her father died, but Ashwhisker doesn't show affection to anyone but her daughter. Ashwhisker hates water, which is ironic, as she is a pure-blooded LakeClan cat. Ashwhisker sometimes takes Echokit out of camp to take a walk, but she becomes very protective of Echokit.

History: Ashwhisker was born to two LakeClan cats, who both died the day after she was born. She was raised by an abusive queen named Berrynose, who cared more about her own kits than Ashwhisker. When Ashwhisker became an apprentice, she always felt alone and distant. That is, until Thunderpaw came along. She started to like him, and when they became warriors, the two became mates. Before Echokit was even born, Thunderheart was exiled for something he didn't do, and he died shortly after. From there on, after Echokit was born, Ashwhisker always told her daughter that Thunderheart had died bravely in a battle with rogues. Ashwhisker felt horrible about lying to her only kit, but she didn't want her to know the truth.

Family: Her daughter is Echokit, her former mate was Thunderheart, and her foster mother was Berrynose.

Extras: None


Name: Echokit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: Echokit is a fluffy-furred grey she-kit with pale sky-blue eyes. She is smaller than other kits, and everything about her is small: small white paws, small white ears, and a short tail.

Personality: Echokit is always shy. Her mother is very overprotective of her, and Echokit has learned to be cautious all the time, even when invited to play with other kits. She isn't like other kits; she's shy and physically weak, and doesn't like to play. All of this comes from her mother's protectiveness. Echokit is sometimes scared of everything, but she can quickly forget about whatever she's scared of and go right back to being shy and cautious.

History: Echokit is Clanborn. When she wanted to meet her father, Ashwhisker told her that Thunderheart had died fighting rogues. Echokit was devastated, but when Ashwhisker told her that it was to protect the Clan, she lightened up a bit, but not a lot.

Family: Her mother is Ashwhisker. Her father was Thunderheart.

Extras: None

~Made and approved by Flights. A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. 18:13, September 14, 2014 (UTC)



Name: Tsubaki

Rank: Rogue

Appearance: Pretty sleek black she-cat w/ brown-ish swirls blended into her pelt. Blue eyes.

Personality: Tsubaki is a really calm she-cat that is hostile when she doesn't know you. She is sensitive when people are rude to her, though she will probably be rude to you back. Usually she is very mature and nice, and she doesn't like to swim. I mean AT ALL. If she goes near water, she will freak. out.

History: Tsubaki's father is a Dark Forest cat named Poisonclaw, and she has always been afraid of him. As a kit she never liked to go outside, because she watched her brother, Sora, get killed at an early age by a badger. She had to watch him get mauled, including her mother, and she couldn't do anything about it. As she grew older, she had one kit named Lightning, which also died later by a badger. She then became calm for the rest of her life, always thinking about her daughter, and her family getting killed by badgers.

Family: River(Mother, dead), Poisonclaw(Father, dead), Lightning(Daughter, dead), Sora(Brother, dead)

Extras: She is really scared of badgers. They killed her whole family.

Made and approved; Emerald~


Name: Jaysong

Rank: Medicine Cat

Appearance: Jaysong is a thick-furred and soft-furred she-cat with tufted ear-tips, pale bluish-gray fur, with a white mark on chest, white front paws, and a black tail-tip and ears; stunning violet eyes

Personality: Jaysong is a very shy she-cat, especially around new cats. However, once you get to know her, she is the funniest and most sarcastic cat you will have ever met! When others are nice to her, she treats them with kindness as well. When she meets the occasional rude or hateful cat, her temper can sometimes get the better of her and she can say some very sarcastic things that makes the other cat stop talking to her for a while. She has very high senses, and can understand easily what one is meaning to say.

History: Her mother, a silver she-cat called Haven (a loner), and her father, a brown tabby called Prince (a loner), were killed when Jay (at the time) and Moon (her sister) were kits, around five moons old. They were found wandering around in the woods by Ripplestar (hope you don't mind!) and brought in. They were accepted into the clan, and given the names Jaypaw and Moonpaw respectively.

Family: Jaysong's mother is a silver she-cat called Haven, who was killed in an earthquake. Her father, Prince, a brown tabby, was also killed in the earthquake. Her sister, the only surviving family member, Moonsplash, is a member of LakeClan.

Extras: Uh..... what do you consider extras?

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Name: Moonsplash

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Moonsplash is a dark brown, black, and golden tortoiseshell-and-white with splashes of white on her pelt; she has thick fur and a long, bushy tail, tipped with white. On her forehead is a little crescent moon, earning her name. She has playful, bright blue eyes.

Personality: Moonsplash is the most optimistic cat you will ever meet! Almost nothing can dampen her spirits, and she keeps the mood lively and cheerful, almost a complete opposite of her sister, Jaysong. If a cat is rude or hateful to her, she honestly won't realize it and will keep chatting about nice things, usually turning their mood into HAPPY.

History: Her mother, a silver she-cat called Haven (loner) and her father, a brown tabby called Prince (loner) were killed when Moon (at the time) and Jay (her sister) were kits, five moons old. They were found wandering around in the woods by Ripplestar and brought into LakeClan. They were accepted into the clan, and given the names Moonpaw and Jaypaw respectively.

Family: Moonsplash's mother was a silver she-cat named Haven, whom was killed in an earthquake. Her father, Prince, a brown tabby, was also killed in the earthquake. Her sister, the only surviving family member, Jaysong, is currently the medicine cat of LakeClan.

Extras: None... really.

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Name: Silverpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Silverpaw is a pale gray, almost white, she-cat, with black tabby stripes and sparkling green eyes

Personality: Silverpaw is a fairly shy cat, but not until you know her. She acts very mature for her age, it's a bit creepy! Silverpaw also has the light habit of gently teasing Ravenpaw to go out of his comfort zone.

History: Silverpaw was a kittypet going by the name Silver in the Twolegplace, where her housefolk weren't very nice. On the day before she was going to the Cutter, she escaped, and was found and brought to LakeClan by Ripplestar.

Family: Not much is known about her family beause she barely remembers her family since she was taken away from them at an early age.

Extras: N/A

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Name: Shimmerheart

Rank: Queen

Appearance: Shimmerheart is a pale gray she-cat with darker flecks, striped tail, and green eyes

Personality: Shimmerheart is a very patient cat, needing to since she has kits of her own. She has a long temper, rarely snapping at anyone, and is very calming.

History: Shimmerheart was a rogue named Shimmer on the outskirts of the woods. Her mate was killed by a badger, and she escaped the badger, carrying her mate's kits, and escaped to LakeClan, where she was accepted into the clan and given the name Shimmerheart.

Family: Snatch (mate, dead); Dawnkit- small creamy she-kit with golden eyes; Fernkit- pale gray she-kit with darker flecks and green eyes; Foxkit- dappled golden she-kit with thicker fur at throat and hazel brown eyes

Extras: N/A

Made by Whitefeather09 (talk) 01:19, September 16, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Emberwing

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: mottled ginger tom with black flecks, ears, and striped-tail-tip, and warm amber eyes

Personality: Quiet, reserved, and kinda snappy(ish...). Emberwing isn't very social, and is very independent, often found hunting alone.

History: When he was no more than six moons old, his family was hunted down by a group of rogues, and killed in front of his eyes. He escaped into the forest, where he hid for many sunrises until he came out, and began hunting for himself. When he was eight moons old, a patrol from LakeClan found him, and was accepted into the clan.

Family: Shadow (Mother, desceased); Hawk (Father, desceased); Lake (Sister, desceased)

Made by dont mess with the darkAngel 01:38, September 16, 2014 (UTC) (approved by me, too)


Name: Robinclaw

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: dark brown tom with a ginger patch on his chest like a robin; yellow eyes

Personality: Robinwing is very serious cat, and hardly ever jokes. He has a habit of snapping at cats for even the smallest of mistakes, and Ravenpaw has been advised to stay away from him. Other than that, he's a pretty cool tom.

History: He was clanborn to two cats named Jumpfoot and Mossfur. His siblings were Thrushkit, Finchkit, and Dovekit. Why the kit endings? His entire family died in leaf-bare due to an outbreak of greencough, and he was the only one that survived. This shocked him to the core, and rarely spoke with any cat again, because he was afraid of losing them.

Family: Mossfur (Mother, desceased); Jumpfoot (Father, desceased); Thrushkit (Sister, desceased); Finchkit (Brother, desceased); Dovekit (Sister, desceased)

Made by dont mess with the darkAngel 23:51, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

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Name: Dusk

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Dusk is a jet-black tom with soft, pale blue eyes with bright flicks in them. He has one white paw, and his nose has a dapple of white on it.

'Personality': Dusk is a mysterious young cat. He rarely shows any emotion, and his voice is flat, emotionless. He could care less about kits, and he is always on edge, not trusting of his Clanmates. He doesn't seem to care about too much other than himself, but he actually does care about his Clanmates' safety. He just doesn't show it. He is a newer warrior, but knows battle techniques that only he's learned, and he doesn't want anyone else to know about them. He dislikes cats who irritate him, every kit in the Clan, and every other warrior. The only cat he truly respects is Ripplestar. Dusk likes roaming around at night, and gets only an hour of sleep every night, but he always seems fine after that short rest. He has no friends, but is not willing to make any.

History: Dusk, being a mysterious cat, has a mysterious past. He just randomly showed up at LakeClan, and asked to join. He didn't mention any reasons, he just asked to join. Dusk was actually nine moons old at the time, but he had so many skills he was made a warrior the night he joined. He remains mysterious, and he hasn't made any friends, though he likes it that way.

Family: Unknown.

Extras: None

made and approved by me~ A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. 00:09, September 17, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Flames

Rank: Rogue

Appearance: Light, soft grey slender she-cat w/ black stripes and blue eyes with little flecks of flame colour in them. She has a dash of black on her fluffy belly fur, and her toes are black. When she gets mad, her eyes turn a brighter shade of blue.

Personality (must be detailed!): Flames is just like a flame. She sweeps through cats like fire, her first blow deadly. She is kind when cats do what she want, and she is a good leader-type(Almost like Windstar). She is kind to everyone around her, and is very bossy when it comes to hunting birds and mice, which she is ecpecially good at doing.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): She was born to Tsubaki and Soul. She ran away, hoping to join Lakeclan only to get turned down by Swiftstream, her worst enemy. As a kit, she was always eager with the clan, spying on them. But as she grew older, Flames figured out that she was better living on her own than with a group of cats.

Family: Tsubaki(Mother), Soul(Father), Swiftstream(Sister)

Extras: N/A

Made and Approved; Emeh


Name: Firetail

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Large, sturdy white tom with ginger patches and amber eyes. His fur is coarse, and very thick. A pain in the tail to clean.

Personality: Firetail is what you might consider a "lazy" cat. While this is true, he has some moments where he is very energized. He is the sort of cat who is able to meow the uncomfortable truth without any shame, and is very honest.

History: Firetail was a clan cat born into the clan, except that his mother, Heronheart, was from LakeClan, and his father, Wildfire was from NightClan. He saw no shame in that, and continued to work as a warrior of LakeClan.

Family: Heronheart (mother, desceased); Wildfire (father, desceased); Blazefur (sister, alive)

Made and approved by dont mess with the darkAngel 22:57, September 17, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Blazefur

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Nimble, lithe ginger-and-white she-cat with soft fur and pale, clear blue eyes. Her fur is extremely downy and soft, and she has a hard time keeping her fur clean.

Personality: Blazefur has a sharp tongue, and is not afraid to insult cats that are not from the clan, not including the medicine cat, Jaysong. However, she is a very loyal warrior of LakeClan, and was devastated when she found out about her heritage. Angry, she killed her father, and made away with her secret. Many cats do not guess that she and Firetail are siblings.

History: Blazefur was clan born, and very loyal to the warrio code. As a kit, she always wondered why her mother was there, but not her father. When she was an apprentice, she found out- her mother met with a tom from NightClan, and they acted like mates. She was devastated, while on the other hand, Firetail saw no shame in it. In a battle, she killed him, and made it look like he had drowned.

Family: Heronheart (mother, desceased); Wildfire (father, desceased); Firetail (brother, alive)

Made and approved by dont mess with the darkAngel 22:57, September 17, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Soaringkit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: Grey and white tom w/ light, torqoise-blue eyes. Has a light patch of blue on his belly, and has soft, velvet-like ears.

Personality (must be detailed!):  Soaringkit is mostly like his father, laid-back and ready to pounce when needed to. Though, he has his mothers calmness, when he wants to be alone(If you have read Tallstars Revenge, he is a bit like Tallstar as a kit). He is up to anything that involves him being the proud leader, the hunter, not the prey, ect. He is not afraid of the water, and swims like a fish. His greatest tactic in battle and hunting, is swimming.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Soaringkit has lead a normal life up to when he was two moons old, when he got attacked by a fox, and got a bad, torn ear(It is so bad that it is almost as torn as though it is missing). His mother is protective over Soaringkit paticularly because of this reason.

Family: Redfire(Father), Swiftstream(Mother), Leafkit, Skykit, Amberkit(Siblings).

Extras: N/A


Name: Silentkit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: Small dark-grey tom with silvery stripes on his flanks and soon-to-be amber eyes. He has tiny, near-delicate paws, and small ears with white dashes on the backs.

''Personality': Silentkit is the quietest of the four, and is more interested in herbs than in battle and hunting. His siblings insist that he start learning hunting techniques, but he doesn't want to learn. He is intelligent, and always wants to learn something, no matter what it is (unless it involves something physical, like hunting). He would much rather be curled up in the shade with Swiftstream than playing with his siblings. Redfire, his father, wants him to be a warrior like him, but of course, Silentkit doesn't care for warrior duties. He is the oldest of the litter.

History: Adding later. He was like, just born (I think?).

Family: Swiftstream (mother, alive), Redfire (father, alive), Skykit, Leafkit, and Soaringkit (siblings, all alive)

Extras: Nope

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Name: Skykit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: Black and light silver-gray she-kit with white ears, tail-tip, and paws. She has dark blue eyes and a plumy tail.

Personality: You can gladly say that Skykit is the bossiest of the group. Whenever you find her playing a game, she's probably dishing out the orders or the clan leader. She is very enthusiastic about becoming a warrior, and when her siblings want to rest (which rarely happens), she can be found practicing stalking and fishing.

History: She was just born, so not much.

Family: Swiftstream (Mother, alive); Redfire (Father, alive); Leafkit (Sister, alive); Silentkit and Soaringkit (brothers, alive)

Extras: None.

Made and approved by Whitefeather~ dont mess with the darkAngel 22:16, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Snowy and DessEdit


Name: Snowy

Rank: Kittypet

Appearance: Snowy is a beautiful, pure-white she-cat with one pale blue eye and one pale green eye. She has small, delicate paws, long legs, a slender build, and extremely soft fur. She wears a purple collar with a pink, heart-shaped tag. Her nose is a pale pink, and is slightly heart-shaped.

Personality: Snowy is obsessed with her fur, keeping it as clean as possible. She believes that beauty is all that matters, and she supports this no matter what. She despises most wild-cats, but has a crush on Inigo. She loves her brother, Dess, even though he's only at the house half of the time. She is impatient and snappish, and hates having to wait for someone. She hates getting her fur dirty, and will obsessively clean it until it practically shines.

History: Snowy was born to two kittypets, Alice and Thumper, along with her brother Dess. She was adopted by her current owners, and she lives a life of luxury. She was raised on the fact that non-kittypets were viscious, bone-eating ruffians who cared only about murder. When she met Inigo, though, she fell in love with him, even though he's oblivious to this. She loves living with her owners, but explores the forest now and then.

Family: Alive (mother, deceased), Thumper (father, deceased), Dess (brother, alive)

Extras: None


Name: Dess

Rank: On/off kittypet

Appearance: Dess is a very light brown tabby tom with dichroic (two colors in one eye) eyes; they are soft blue with light green smudges around the pupils. He has small paws, each with a dark ring around the wrist. He has a long tail.

'Personality': Dess is outgoing and carefree, and likes to have fun. He doesn't care for responsiblilites and seriousness, saying he'd rather spend a whole day listening to Snowy lecture him about her fur than to be serious. Dess loves knowing secrets, and he loves to have cats beg him not to tell about it. He doesn't like being insulted, but doesn't actually care enough to say something back. Dess thinks that kittypets are too stuck-up and lazy, so that's why he heads out into the forest at daytime.

History: Dess was born to two kittypets, Alice and Thumper, along with his sister Snowy. He was adopted by her current owners, and he lives a life of luxury. He hates it, so he leaves at day to wander the forest as a loner. Dess found out that Snowy was in love with a loner, so he threatened to tell everyone he knew unless she set paw outside the yard for a day. She did so, and at the end of the day claimed that it was torture.

Family: Alice (mother, deceased), Thumper (father, deceased), Snowy (sister, alive)

Extras: None

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(Yeah, since no one else is making her lol).

Name: Leafkit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: Small built tortishell-and-black she-kit w/ a dappled black muzzle, light baby-blue eyes and a dark pink nose. She is the smallest of the litter, being the last that was born.

Personality (must be detailed!): Leafkit is an adventerous she-kit that loves to train. She would stay as an apprentice FOREVER if she had to. But, when she isn't training, she is thinking about training. Leafkit loves to do anything active, basically.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): When she was born, she kept the same blue eyes, and her parents thought that something was wrong with her eyes because you could almost fall into them. She is VERY small(Almost new-born size), and as she grew older her black pelt started to form tabby grey, ginger, silver and brown splotches, and her muzzle became dappled with black spots.

Family: Swiftstream(Mother), Redfire(Father), Silentkit, Skykit, Soaringkit(Siblings, all alive).

Extras: N/A

Shadowfire 03:11, September 27, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Dawnpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Dawnpaw is a creamy-golden she-cat with thick, fluffy fur, a long fluffy tail, white whiskers, and golden eyes. She is said to look like her father, Snatch.

Personality: Dawnpaw is like the rest of her siblings- adventurous, wild, enthusiastic, bubbly, and quick to act. She thinks about becoming deputy, and maybe leader one day, but she decided to let her sister Foxpaw take for leader, and Dawnpaw deputy. She thinks Fernpaw doesn't mind (think again, Dawnpaw.....).

History: Dawnpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and another rogue, Snatch, who died in a bdger attack. She is wild, and loves to play, train, play, train, eat (note how I didn't say sleep here...). She tried hard to become friends with Echokit, but Ashwhisker kinda stopped that from happening......

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, dead), Foxpaw (Sister, alive), Fernpaw (Sister, alive)

Extras: N/A

dont mess with the darkAngel 16:18, September 28, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Foxpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Foxpaw is a dappled golden-brown she-cat with long fur tipped with black, and long, thick fur that curves at the jaw and neck, like a fox. She has a bushy tail, and hazel-brown eyes. (Based off my dog...... sorry Foxpaw.)

Personality: Foxpaw is like the rest of her sisters- adventurous, wild, enthusiastic, bubbly, and quick to act. If she hears something she doesn't like, that cat is doomed. Foxpaw has dreams and plans of becoming leader one day, and perhaps one of her sisters as deputy.

History: Foxpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and another rogue, Snatch, who died in a badger attack. She loves to train, play, play some more, train, eat, and sleep, unlike her sister, Dawnpaw. She tried to become friends with Echokit, but Ashwhisker kinda stopped that from happening......

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, dead), Dawnpaw (Sister, alive), Fernpaw (Sister, alive)

Extras: N/A

dont mess with the darkAngel 16:18, September 28, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Fernpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Fernpaw is a lightly built pale-gray she-cat with darker flecks, a striped, fluffy tail, and green eyes.

Personality: Fernpaw is like the rest of her sisters- adventurous, wild, enthusiasic, bubbly, and quick to act. Fernpaw is more of a soloist, and isn't as social as her siblings, but still really social. She always tries to make everyone within a skylength form her to be her friend.

History: Fernpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and Snatch, another rogue who died in a badger attack. She is very wild, and is basically a bundle of energy that can never be tamed. Unless it's Ashwhisker...

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, alive), Foxpaw (Sister, alive), Dawnpaw (Sister, alive)

Extras: N/A

dont mess with the darkAngel 17:19, September 28, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Razeclaw

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Razeclaw is an orange marbled Bengal tom with black markings, a striped tail, sleek smooth fur, and white socks (aka white front paws). He has piercing green eyes and a scar ripping through his left eye, although it's still there. The eye, I mean.

Personality (must be detailed!): Razeclaw is a fierce warrior who will defend the clan at any cost, even killing a cat. He is very serious, and quick-thinking, too. He hopes of becoming deputy one day, but leaves the jobs to Swiftstream. At times, when he's in a good mood, he makes jokes. Really bad ones, though. 

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Razeclaw was born as Razekit into the clan, his mother, Violetfur, and a rogue, Jump. He, his mother, and his sister, Breezekit, caught greencough at two moons, and instead of four leaving the medicine cat den healthy, only one left healthy. And heartbroken. He swore to never let that happen again, and trained as hard as he coul to earn his name, Razeclaw.

Family: Violetfur (Mother, dead), Breezekit (Sister, dead), Jump (Father, status unknown)

Extras: N/A

Made by dont mess with the darkAngel 22:33, September 30, 2014 (UTC), I think Vee approved of it...... :p


Name: Bramblepaw

Rank: Dark Forest / Apprentice

Appearance: Bramblepaw is a light brown tabby tom with a cream-coloured muzzle, chest, underbelly, and hind paws. He has a long tail and fox-like ears, both with creamish tips. He has pale amber eyes that are smeared with darker amber. He has a lithe build, and has slender legs. He has dark stripes that seem to cascade like water over his flanks. Under those stripes are dark-yet-pale dapples.

'Personality': Bramblepaw acts sweet and innocent, but is actually sadistic and murderous. He is easily bored, and will make someone do something embarrassing just to entertain him. He's good at getting his way, but only because he threatens cats to do what he wants. He loves seeing cats in pain, and often sits and watches them suffer. Despite being a Dark Forest cat, he can wander the place where LakeClan lives, but can't touch anyone with his claws. He hates not being able to hurt anyone, and hates StarClan for not believing his reason for killing his sister. He hates kits.

History: Bramblepaw was born to two warriors - Lavender and Streamleap - in LakeClan, along with his sister Lilykit. Bramblekit and Lilykit left camp to explore, and Bramblekit suggested that Lilykit jump into the Lake. She did, and Bramblekit, by some unknown motive, held her head underwater and drowned her. No one but Bramblekit knows, because he lied and said she left camp and he tried to get her back. Ravenkit was suspicious, but Bramblekit threatened him and he stayed quiet. When Bramblepaw became an apprenice, he tried to take this chance to kill Ravenkit, but he himself was killed by a Clan cat that was defending Ravenkit. Instead of StarClan, like he expected, he woke in the Dark Forest. He claims that Lilykit had greencough, and he wanted to rid of the sickness before it spread, but his claims were told off as false.

Family: Lavender (mother, deceased), Streamleap (father, deceased), Lilykit (sister, deceased)

Extras: He actually misses his family.

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Name: Darkshadow

Rank: Warrior/ StarClan Warrior

Appearance: Darkshadow is a gray she-cat with darker dapples on her pelt. She has a white tail-tip, white whiskers, and slightly pale flecks of gray. Her eyes are large, and a pale sky-blue.

Personality: Darkshadow is very independent, and hates being around younger cats. She has been suspected of having killed Lilykit because of her hatred of kits, but she managed to slip out of the case. She has been shown as loyal and respectful of mainly only the deputy, medicine cat, and leader, but pretty much no one else.

History: Darkshadow was born after her mother was revealed to have been training in the Dark Forest. She was an only kit, and shortly after her birth, her mother died from injuries from the Dark Forest (and yes, her mother is in the Dark Forest). Her father, Leopardspot, despised her from the moment she was born and named her Darkkit for the Dark Forest. The other kits teased and taunted her for her name and parents, but she never retaliated. As she recieved her apprentice name, her mentor, Stormgrowl was not very kind to her, and pushed her beyond the limits with maybe a pike a day. She trained hard and earned her warrior name, Darkshadow. Soon, after her ceremony, there was a surprise attack on some rogues, and Darkshadow was part of the patrol. A kit whom followed them alerted the rogues, and they managed to kill Leopardspots and an apprentice, Wolfpaw. This fueled her hatred for kits, and she wept underneath the harshness. In a flash-flood in LakeClan, every cat was out safely, and Darkshadow was the only one who noticed the disappearence of a kit named Graykit. She dove underwater and saved Graykit, but at the cost of her life. (Wow, longest history I've ever written.)

Family: Raindrop (Mother, dead), Leopardspots (Father, dead)

Extras: She has never forgiven her father, and avoids him in StarClan.

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Name: Shadowkit

Rank: StarClan / Kit

Appearance: Shadowkit is a fluffy black-furred tom with soft, sky-blue eyes (he never aged to where his eyes could change). He has white-tipped ears and a white dapple on his nose, which is black. He has tiny paws, with each toe being white.

Personality: Shadowkit is a happy-go-lucky young kit, and he is always happy, sometimes to the point where it's creepy. He loves attempting to hunt, but always fails. He has none of the assumed wisdom StarClan cats have, and he's oblivious to this fact, so he's always trying and failing to be wise. He gets bored easily, and sometimes even mocks older cats because he finds them boring. He likes when Ripplestar comes to see him in her dreams, and is always the first to jump up to her cheerily. He loves to act like a leader, and always assumes control of a situation.

History: Shadowkit was born to Jaystar and Moonstone, two very important cats in LakeClan. When Shadowkit and his sister, Ripplekit, were one moon old, Shadowkit snuck out of camp and got attacked by a fox. He was killed instantly, and would've been taken away if Clan warriors hadn't shown up. Shadowkit didn't know that he was dead, so when a StarClan cat came to take him to StarClan, he tried to go back to camp. Eventually, though, he agreed to go with the cat. He was adopted by one of the StarClan she-cats until Moonstone reached StarClan. Later, he gave Ripplemist one of her nine lives. He gave her a life of optimism, to look on the bright side no matter how dim it might be.

Family: His mother is a deceased she-cat named Moonstone, and his father is Jaystar, the previous Clan leader. His sister is Ripplestar, the current leader of LakeClan.

Extras: Ripplestar named a rogue kit after him.

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Name: Shadowfire

Rank: Starclan Warrior

Appearance: A midnight black she-cat with a beautiful dappled grey-and-gold pelt. Her eyes are cyan-blue and her two front paws are white. The back paws are grey, and she has a golden muzzle.

Personality (must be detailed!): Shadowfire is a quiet, timid and ambitious she-cat. She doesn't like to do anything wrong, or interrupt anyone if they are doing something important. She likes to go night hunting, and loves to be alone. She is usually with a kit named Stormkit, her son. She never will look at you with fear if you start a fight, and she isn't scared of any cat because of how calm she is. If someone sneaks up on her alone, she'll claw your ears off.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Her mother is Ravensky, and the she-cat died right when Shadowfire was born. She never got to know her father, which is a Dark Forest Warrior named Talonstripe. Shadowkit wasn't very playful, and she didn't have much talent. All she liked to do was hear the birds, listen to the wind. It never came in mind to her that she would ever have kits of her own, her mate Stormblaze. But, when she was giving birth to her kits, her mate started to turn on her, fallling in love with a rogue named Flames. Tragic, because she named the oldest Stormkit, the only part of Stormblaze left of her. Stormkit eventually died, escaping into a vicious battle and getting killed straight on. But there was nothing Shadowfire could do. So, she made believe that nothing was wrong, and she had no depression at all. One day she was so destracted from her sadness that she fell into the gorge with no one to help her. No one cares that she died, and no one has ever seen her since.

Family: Stormblaze(Mate), Blackflame(Sister), Stormkit(Kit, deceased), Ravensky(Mother, deceased).

Extras: Shadowfire has a playful side, now that she is Starclan with her kit and her mother again.



Name: Stormkit

Rank: Starclan kit.

Appearance: Stormkit is a small very fluffy(Over fluffy may I say) tom w/ a light almost white-ish grey pelt and blue eyes that match his fathers.

Personality (must be detailed!): Stormkit is shy, but when he gets to know you, he'll like you. He plays lots of complex games, and he is smart for his age. Stormkit has the ambition of his father, and the depression of his mother. He isn't afraid to make new friends, but he also isn't afraid to be rude, and speak his mind, which sometimes makes cats very sad, 'cause he can be very rude. Stormkit isn't very playful, and he'd rather be playing Clan, or Warriors than some hunting game.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): When Stormkit was born, he was the first one. He was adorn by his father(Yet he did not know that he was his father, because Stormblaze turned on his mother when the kits were born), and Stormkit loved him more than anything. They used to play and everything. But, when Stormkit was only about three moons old, a battle happened, and many died because it was so fierce. He saw his mother Shadowfire walk out to join the battle, and he followed her. On the way, a Pineclan warrior slit his throat, and with Jaysong not there to help him, and his calls getting weaker every minute, he died. Shadowfire found him, and cried for moons straight. Shadowfire now still blames herself for his death.

Family: Stormblaze(Father), Shadowfire(Mother, deceased).

Extras: N / A

Both made and approved by Shadowfire .


Name: Redpoppy

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Redpoppy is a pure white she-cat, w/ a red spot on her chest, and red stripes on her pelt, muzzle, and ears. She is slender, with black paws, and a black tummy.

Personality (must be detailed!): Redpoppy is a bit snappy at cats that are younger than her. She says they are "annoying", or "careless, and they don't care about anyone or anything." But, she is nice to tiny kits, and to elders, but that is about it. She is mostly kind, though, and when she isn't it probably means she doesn't have enough food, or she is just in a bad mood in general. Has a very short temper, and is annoyed easily. She can also be pretty funny, too.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Redpoppy was born to Shadowfire and Stormblaze, and she is there long forgotten daughter. She loved her mother, but never really got close to her. Her father didn't know her very well, either, and when she was just a kit, Shadowfire asked Swiftstream to raise her. She fell in love with a warrior outside the clans named Nightstorm, and bore his one kit that left her to go to Nightclan with his father. And, before all of this, Redpoppy had the reputation of a leader, and she was very proud of this, before she had a kit with a Nightclan cat. But, Redpoppy learned to love her life, no matter how hard it can be.

Family: Shadowfire(Mother, deceased), Stormblaze(Father), Swiftstream(Adopted mother), Dimkit(Kit, left with father), Nightstorm(Mate).

Extras: N / A

Made and approved; Shadowfire




Rank: Dark Forest Warrior

Appearance: Icyflake is a pure-white tom with short, cropped coarse fur, a long tail, long, sharp claws and hard, piercing, watery yellow eyes.

Personality (must be detailed!): Icyflake is a steely tom, who stops at nothing, even murder, to get what he wants. As a kit, because of his harsh personality, he was nicknamed Icy, and soon given the name Icykit (his original name was Whitekit). 

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Iceflake was an ancient cat, almost at the time when LakeClan and the others had just settled down, born to two cats named Greeneyes, his mother, and Frostheart, his father, his name being Whitekit. He had three siblings- Snowkit, Bluekit, and Blackkit, who all mysteriously died after taunting Whitekit and calling him Icy. They had been apparently killed in a fox attack. Soon, Greeneyes gave Whitekit the name Icykit, and she died the next day, having swallowed deathberries. Shortly after Greeneyes' death, Frostheart was found, having being killed when a tree fell on him. He became an apprentice, and his mentor, Mapleleaf, tried hard to be kind to him, but she was lamed the next day after she had slipped into the gorge, where she survived but lost the use of her back half. He went through a total of ten mentors, each either dying or being lamed, until in a battle, he earned his name Icyflake. He got his own apprentice, Fierypaw, until after Fierypaw snapped at Icyflake, Fierypaw was found dead, his mutilated body hung in a tree. The Clan began to suspect Icyflake, as all the cats who had died had a connection with him, until finally, the medicine cat at the time, Duskfall, slipped him deathberries, and he was sent to the Dark Forest.

Family: Greeneyes (Mother, dead), Frostheart (Father, dead), Snowkit (Brother, dead), Bluekit (Brother, dead), Blackkit (Sister, dead)

Extras: He kills any cat he manages to find in the Dark Forest, spare for Bramblepaw, whom he secretly admires (NO, HE DOESN'T LIKE HIM). He admires Bramblepaw's ways of swaying an enemy and acting innocent.

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