Name: Jaysong (RPed by Whitefeather)

Close enough. Very close enough.

Rank: Medicine Cat

Appearance: Jaysong is a thick-furred and soft-furred she-cat with tufted ear-tips, pale bluish-gray fur, with a white mark on chest, white front paws, and a black tail-tip and ears; stunning violet eyes

Personality: Jaysong is a very shy she-cat, especially around new cats. However, once you get to know her, she is the funniest and most sarcastic cat you will have ever met! When others are nice to her, she treats them with kindness as well. When she meets the occasional rude or hateful cat, her temper can sometimes get the better of her and she can say some very sarcastic things that makes the other cat stop talking to her for a while. She has very high senses, and can understand easily what one is meaning to say.

History: Her mother, a silver she-cat called Haven (a loner), and her father, a brown tabby called Prince (a loner), were killed when Jay (at the time) and Moon (her sister) were kits, around five moons old. They were found wandering around in the woods by Ripplestar and brought in. They were accepted into the Clan, and given the names Jaypaw and Moonpaw respectively.

Family: Jaysong's mother is a silver she-cat called Haven, who was killed in an earthquake. Her father, Prince, a brown tabby, was also killed in the earthquake. Her sister, the only surviving family member, Moonsplash, is a member of LakeClan.

Extras: Inwardly, she is overprotective of Moonsplash, her sister, because Moonsplash was her younger sister (a few heartbeats after Jaysong), and didn't see her parents die. All Moonsplash knows is that they are somewhere safe because Jaysong wanted to keep her sister innocent and pure.