Rank: Dark Forest Warrior

Appearance: Icyflake is a pure-white tom with short, cropped coarse fur, a long tail, long, sharp claws and hard, piercing, watery yellow eyes.

The eyes.... they stare into your soul.

Personality (must be detailed!): Icyflake is a steely tom, who stops at nothing, even murder, to get what he wants. As a kit, because of his harsh personality, he was nicknamed Icy, and soon given the name Icykit (his original name was Whitekit). Many rumors float around in StarClan and the Place of No Stars that he has no emotions, and he has to agree. Icyflake, after dying, wants to feel nothing but blood on his claws.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Iceflake was an ancient cat, almost at the time when LakeClan and the others had just settled down, born to two cats named Greeneyes, his mother, and Frostheart, his father, his name being Whitekit. He had three siblings- Snowkit, Bluekit, and Blackkit, who all mysteriously died after taunting Whitekit and calling him Icy. They had been apparently killed in a fox attack. Soon, Greeneyes gave Whitekit the name Icykit, and she died the next day, having swallowed deathberries. Shortly after Greeneyes' death, Frostheart was found, having being killed when a tree fell on him. He became an apprentice, and his mentor, Mapleleaf, tried hard to be kind to him, but she was lamed the next day after she had slipped into the gorge, where she survived but lost the use of her back half. He went through a total of ten mentors, each either dying or being lamed, until in a battle, he earned his name Icyflake. He got his own apprentice, Fierypaw, until after Fierypaw snapped at Icyflake, Fierypaw was found dead, his mutilated body hung in a tree. The Clan began to suspect Icyflake, as all the cats who had died had a connection with him, until finally, the medicine cat at the time, Duskfall, slipped him deathberries, and he was sent to the Dark Forest.

Family: Greeneyes (Mother, dead), Frostheart (Father, dead), Snowkit (Brother, dead), Bluekit (Brother, dead), Blackkit (Sister, dead)

Extras: He kills any cat he manages to find in the Dark Forest, spare for Bramblepaw, whom he secretly admires (NO, HE DOESN'T LIKE HIM). He admires Bramblepaw's ways of swaying an enemy and acting innocent.