Name: Foxpaw (Rped by Whitefeather)

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Foxpaw is a dappled golden-brown she-cat with long fur tipped with black, and long, thick fur that curves at the jaw and neck, like a fox. She has a bushy tail, and hazel-brown eyes. (Based off my dog...... sorry Foxpaw.)

Personality: Foxpaw is like the rest of her sisters- adventurous, wild, enthusiastic, bubbly, and quick to act. If she hears something she doesn't like, that cat is doomed. Foxpaw has dreams and plans of becoming leader one day, and perhaps one of her sisters as deputy.

History: Foxpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and another rogue, Snatch, who died in a badger attack. She loves to train, play, play some more, train, eat, and sleep, unlike her sister, Dawnpaw. She tried to become friends with Echokit, but Ashwhisker kinda stopped that from happening......

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, dead), Dawnpaw, Fernpaw (Sisters, alive)

Extras: N/A