Name: Firetail (RPed by Whitefeather)
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Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Large, sturdy white tom with ginger patches and amber eyes. His fur is coarse, and very thick. A pain in the tail to clean.

Personality: Firetail is what you might consider a "lazy" cat. While this is true, he has some moments where he is very energized. He is the sort of cat who is able to meow the uncomfortable truth without any shame, and is very honest.

History: Firetail was a clan cat born into the clan, except that his mother, Heronheart, was from LakeClan, and his father, Wildfire was from NightClan. He saw no shame in that, and continued to work as a warrior of LakeClan.

Family: Heronheart (mother, desceased); Wildfire (father, desceased); Blazefur (sister, alive)

Apprentice: Fernpaw