Name: Fernpaw (Rped by Whitefeather)

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Fernpaw is a lightly built pale-gray she-cat with darker flecks, a striped, fluffy tail, and green eyes.

Personality: Fernpaw is like the rest of her sisters- adventurous, wild, enthusiastic, bubbly, and quick to act. Fernpaw is more of a soloist, and isn't as social as her siblings, but still really social. She always tries to make everyone within a skylength form her to be her friend.

History: Fernpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and Snatch, another rogue who died in a badger attack. She is very wild, and is basically a bundle of energy that can never be tamed. Unless it's Ashwhisker...

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, alive), Foxpaw, Dawnpaw (Sisters, alive)

Extras: N/A