Name: Echopaw (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Apprentices

Appearance: Echopaw is a fluffy-furred grey she-cat with pale sky-blue eyes. She is smaller than other cats, and everything about her is small: small white paws, small white ears, and a short tail.

Personality: Echopaw is always shy. Her mother is still very overprotective of her, even after Echopaw became an apprentice, and Echopaw has learned to be cautious all the time, even when invited to play with other apprentices. She isn't like other cats; she's shy and physically weak, and doesn't like to play. All of this comes from her mother's protectiveness. Echopaw is sometimes scared of everything, but she can quickly forget about whatever she's scared of and go right back to being shy and cautious.

History: Echopaw is Clanborn. When she wanted to meet her father, Ashwhisker told her that Thunderheart had died fighting rogues. Echokit was devastated, but when Ashwhisker told her that it was to protect the Clan, she lightened up a bit, but not a lot.

Family: Her mother is Ashwhisker. Her father was Thunderheart.

Mentor: Stormblaze