Name: Eaglefeather (RPed by Emerald)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Lithe tortoiseshell and brown-ish she-cat with black paws and blue eyes. 

Personality: Eagelfeather is a smart, swift she-cat that isn't afraid to under-estimate anyone. She is snappy when she wants to be, and rude to almost everyone. Toms like her, but she turns them down easily, making them sad. She likes cats that have true emotions, not people that are fake and rude, even though she is rude all the time. When she is around her crush (Emberheart), she goes on a patrol, or anything to get her away from him.

History: She was a rogue named Feather, but decided to live the Clan life, saying that rogues are too lazy, and things like that. Eaglefeather's mother was Echo, and her father was Okami. She is rude, because she was the littermate that was least liked by her father, so she made a plan. She killed her father, by setting a trap next to the Thunderpath, and nobody knows but her. Now she is rude and snappy to almost everyone. Her best friend that she hangs out with in LakeClan camp is Swiftstream.

Family: Echo (mother), Okami (father, deceased).

Extras: She is sensitive around fire.