Duskcloud Edit

(RPed by Vaporeon)

Name: Duskcloud

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Beautiful black she-cat w/ fur that is edged with blue, giving her a midnight-looking appearance. She has one grey paw and one white ear, and dark blue eyes, the colour of a storm.
Blue eyes 3 by planet37-d3h6l49


Personality (must be detailed!): Duskcloud is pretty crazy. She is leader-like, and fun-loving, and could never be calm, even if she tried. She sometimes is over-playful, getting her most-called name, fur-ball. She loves to play with kits, and hates anything that involves the sun burning on her pelt, or even cats that think that they are the best. Duskcloud can be hostile, and is not the cat that you should call over nice. Her moods change depending on the way you treat her.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): She was a runt kit, and never spoiled, but she always looked on the bright side of things. Her mother was rude to her, but her sibling, Emberpelt was always very nice to her. They became best friends, but her mother didn't like Emberpelt either. She told Duskcloud that she really wasn't her sibling(which was true), and pretended that she got struck by lightning when Duskclouds' mother really killed her. She was sad, and she still believes today that she got struck by lightning, but like I said she always looks on the bright side of things no matter what occasion.

Family: Emberpelt(fake sibling), Hawkfeather(mother), father unknown to the clans.