Name: Dusk (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Dusk is a jet-black tom with soft, pale blue eyes with bright flicks in them. He has one white paw, and his nose has a dapple of white on it.

Personality: Dusk is a mysterious young cat. He rarely shows any emotion, and his voice is flat, emotionless. He could care less about kits, and he is always on edge, not trusting of his Clanmates. He doesn't seem to care about too much other than himself, but he actually does care about his Clanmates' safety. He just doesn't show it. He is a newer warrior, but knows battle techniques that only he's learned, and he doesn't want anyone else to know about them. He dislikes cats who irritate him, every kit in the Clan, and every other warrior. The only cat he truly respects is Ripplestar. Dusk likes roaming around at night, and gets only an hour of sleep every night, but he always seems fine after that short rest. He has no friends, but is not willing to make any.

History: Dusk, being a mysterious cat, has a mysterious past. He just randomly showed up at LakeClan, and asked to join. He didn't mention any reasons, he just asked to join. Dusk was actually nine moons old at the time, but he had so many skills he was made a warrior the night he joined. He remains mysterious, and he hasn't made any friends, though he likes it that way.

Family: Unknown.

Apprentice: Foxpaw