Name: Dess (RPed by Flights)

Rank: On/off kittypet

Appearance: Dess is a very light cream tabby tom with dichroic (two colors in one eye) eyes; they are soft blue with light green smudges around the pupils. He has small paws, each with a dark ring around the wrist. He has a long tail. Dess wears an azure collar with a dark blue, paw print-shaped tag on it.

Personality: Dess is outgoing and carefree, and likes to have fun. He doesn't care for responsiblilites and seriousness, saying he'd rather spend a whole day listening to Snowy lecture him about her fur than to be serious. Dess loves knowing secrets, and he loves to have cats beg him not to tell about it. He doesn't like being insulted, but doesn't actually care enough to say something back. Dess thinks that kittypets are too stuck-up and lazy, so that's why he heads out into the forest at daytime.

History: Dess was born to two kittypets, Alice and Thumper, along with his sister Snowy. He was adopted by her current owners, and he lives a life of luxury. He hates it, so he leaves at day to wander the forest as a loner. Dess found out that Snowy was in love with a loner, so he threatened to tell everyone he knew unless she set paw outside the yard for a day. She did so, and at the end of the day claimed that it was torture.

Family: Alice (mother, deceased), Thumper (father, deceased), Snowy (sister, alive)

Extras: None