Name: Deathberry
(RPed by Emerald)

Rank: Dark Forest warrior

Appearance: Deathberry is a very striking sleek, almost shiny black she-cat with reddish smoky-coloured swirls blended into her pelt. She has a grey underbelly and one grey paw. She has a very unusually long tail and bright amber eyes. She has a raspberry pink nose, with a scratch on it.

Personality (must be detailed!): Deathberry is rude and hostile, which always made her a true Dark Forest warrior. She loves to fight, and make believe she's a StarClan cat, and make cats' destinies all messed up. She has a since of humour but only when she is messing with cats. When she is around any cat that involves her family, or LakeClan she will kill. She hates cats that try to be perfect.

History (no "just Clanborn.", "N/A", etc. it must be detailed!): Deathberry's littermates were always so rude to her; Because she had prettier features and longer claws. Her mother was very jealous of this. Since then, Deathberry was kicked, clawed, and hissed at. This lead her to have a small scratch on her nose. When she was an apprentice, Berrypaw, she led both of her littermates into the Territory, and stuffed their throats with Deathberries. Lots of them. She brought them back, saying that a fox got them, but her mother, Falconcall, obviously didn't believe her. Her mother ended up killing Deathberry (Berryfall then) without notice. She ended up going to the Dark Forest.

Family: Falconcall(Mother / killer), Talonstripe(Father, deceased), Meadowkit, Goldenfeather, Spiritkit (Siblings, two deceased).

Extras: She secretly is kind of in love with Bramblepaw.