Name: Dawnpaw (Rped by Whitefeather)

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Dawnpaw is a creamy-golden she-cat with thick, fluffy fur, a long fluffy tail, white whiskers, and golden eyes. She is said to look like her father, Snatch.
Cat turkango cream tabby lg


Personality: Dawnpaw is like the rest of her siblings- adventurous, wild, enthusiastic, bubbly, and quick to act. She thinks about becoming deputy, and maybe leader one day, but she decided to let her sister Foxpaw take for leader, and Dawnpaw deputy. She thinks Fernpaw doesn't mind (think again, Dawnpaw.....).

History: Dawnpaw was born to the once-rogue Shimmerheart and another rogue, Snatch, who died in a bdger attack. She is wild, and loves to play, train, play, train, eat (note how I didn't say sleep here...). She tried hard to become friends with Echokit, but Ashwhisker kinda stopped that from happening...

Family: Shimmerheart (Mother, alive), Snatch (Father, dead), Foxpaw, Fernpaw (Sisters, alive)

Extras: N/A