Name: Darkshadow (RPed by Whitefeather)

Rank: StarClan warrior

Appearance: Darkshadow is a gray she-cat with darker dapples on her pelt. She has a white tail-tip, white whiskers, and slightly pale flecks of gray. Her eyes are large, and a pale sky-blue.

Personality: Darkshadow is very independent, and hates being around younger cats. She has been shown as loyal and respectful of mainly only the deputy, medicine cat, and leader, but pretty much no one else. As a kit, she was despised because of her mother, and absolutely hates the Dark Forest, or anything to do with it. She is a loyal warrior, and would never retaliate with claws to a clanmate. 


History: Darkshadow was born after her mother was revealed to have been training in the Dark Forest. She was an only kit, and shortly after her birth, her mother died from injuries from the Dark Forest (and yes, her mother is in the Dark Forest). Her father, Leopardspot, despised her from the moment she was born and named her Darkkit for the Dark Forest. The other kits teased and taunted her for her name and parents, but she never retaliated. As she recieved her apprentice name, her mentor, Stormgrowl was not very kind to her, and pushed her beyond the limits with maybe a pike a day. She trained hard and earned her warrior name, Darkshadow. Soon, after her ceremony, there was a surprise attack on some rogues, and Darkshadow was part of the patrol. A kit whom followed them alerted the rogues, and they managed to kill Leopardspots and an apprentice, Wolfpaw. This fueled her hatred for kits, and she wept underneath the harshness. In a flash-flood in LakeClan, every cat was out safely, and Darkshadow was the only one who noticed the disappearence of a kit named Ripplekit. She dove underwater and saved Ripplekit, but at the cost of her life. (Wow, longest history I've ever written.)

Family: Raindrop (Mother, dead), Leopardspots (Father, dead)

Extras: She has never forgiven her father, and avoids him in StarClan. Also, the kit she saved was the to-be Ripplestar.