The Dark Forest... why am I here?


You blink your eyes open to see dark cats standing before you. Their eyes are menacing, and they look ready to kill. You scramble to a sitting position, your chest heaving. You start to let out a fierce call, but your throat is dry. It comes out as a strangled cough. The wound that the rogue's claws inflicted stings your throat, and you cringe in pain.

One of the cats steps forward, his obsidian-black claws glinting eerily. You prepare yourself for the worst, but the cat only stares at you, his dark eyes narrowed. "You're here." he meows simply.

You can't speak, so you only nod slightly, then you bare your teeth, trying to show your ferociousness.

He doesn't seem to care as he growls, "You're dead."

Echoes ripple through the crowd. "You're dead" rings in your ears, even after the cats' mouths stopped moving. You shake your head to clear the noise, and then stare straight at the other cat, your ears pinned back.

The tom lets out a growling laugh as he mews, "I'm Brokentail." He flicks his ear back to his bent tail. "Welcome to the Dark Forest. The place of nightmares."