Name: Crowpaw (RPed by Flights)

Rank: StarClan / Apprentice

Appearance: Crowpaw is a jet-black tom with soft white flecks in his fur, a long tail, and soft paws. He has clear, bright sky-blue eyes. His fur is short and glossy, as he always keeps it well-groomed. He had a small nick in his ear before joining StarClan.

Personality: Crowpaw is eager and energetic, and never stops for anyone. He hates waiting, and often runs off before the other cats can get there in time. He's always open to anyone, and tries to give advice, but often it fails. What he's best at is flirting, but he's not even good at that. His pick-up lines are horrible, no matter how hard he tries to think of them. He loves his mother Silversong, but when she tries to be too affectionate toward him he acts like he's tired of the loving-ness. He is easily embarrassed by others, and quick to be emotional.

History: Crowpaw was born long ago, after the first leader Splashstar died and the kind-hearted Puddlestep took his place. He was Splashstar's son, and his mother was Blazeheart. Or so he thought. Blazeheart wasn't his real mother; in fact, the medicine cat Silversong was, but, since it was against the code the Clan established when they settled, she couldn't keep him. He didn't find this out until he was five moons old, when he found Puddlestar and Silversong talking about him. Silversong tried to apologize to him, but he ran off. Outside of camp, Blazeheart came to speak with him, and he listened. It turned out that Blazeheart was Silversong's best friend, and she wanted to help her friend by adopting the two kits she had. Shortly after, however, his littermate Silentkit died due to the freezing weather. Silversong was devastated, but couldn't show it. Crowkit understood, and willingly went back to camp with his not-mother Blazeheart. When he became an apprentice, a violent storm struck and the Lake overflowed. He drowned trying to save a young kit, and the kit died afterward.

Family: Silversong (mother, deceased), Splashstar (father, deceased), Blazeheart (foster mother, deceased), Silentkit (brother, deceased)

Death (if StarClan/Dark Forest): Drowned during a storm