Name: Briarheart

Rank: StarClan Warrior

Appearance: Briarheart is a small, nimble pretty tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with dappled ginger-gold, black, and dark brown patches splattered across her pelt, with a white chest, belly, front paws, and tail-tip. Her eyes are a pure, clear sky-blue. As of now, like Nightstar, she is practically invisible.

Personality: Briarheart is a clear-headed cat whom is very understanding, and is very compassionate toward others. She has a heart full of sympathy that she gives in generous amounts to other cats though. At some times, though, she can be a bit mouse-brained, such as when she devoted most of her time to her crippled kit Moonshine instead of Moonshine's brother, Sunlight. Good thing Sunlight didn't mind that much. Plus, at some times, she has shown bad judgement when she became mates with Breezefur, a WindClan tom. But (thankfully), she is mainly kind most of the time.

History: Briarheart was the kin of the kin of the kin of the kin of Dovewing, Mossflame and a tom named Mousezip. She had no siblings, but when she was an apprentice, a rogue named Raze joined the clan and the two, Briarpaw and Razepaw became the best of friends. At a Gathering, they met Nightpaw, Whitepaw, and Brokenpaw, and became friends with them as well. They both earned their warrior names in a warrior assesment, and after four moons from becoming a warrior, Briarheart confessed her love to Razeclaw, and Razeclaw denied any feelings for the tortoiseshell. What was scary for her though, was not that Razeclaw didn't love her but that she was expecting his kits. She refused to let anyone know who the father was, and named them Moonkit and Sunkit. Soon though, a moon after the kits' warrior ceremony, Razeclaw found out, but unlike Briarheart's imagination, he wasn't, but a bit shocked. Briarheart met a tom in WindClan, and (AGAIN) fell helplessly in love with him, Breezefur. Again, she was expecting his kits, but when she found out Breezefur already had a mate, they broke apart. Razeclaw pretended to be Briarheart's second litter's father, and they became mates again. Out of the three, Brightkit, Cloudkit, and Crowkit, only two lived as Crowkit had died from greencough as an apprentice. Briarheart went to the elders' den seasons later and died peacefully in her sleep along with Razeclaw.

Family: Mossflame (Mother, desceased), Mousezip (Father, desceased), Razeclaw (Mate, reincarnated as Razeclaw), Moonshine (Daughter, desceased), Sunlight (Son, desceased), Brightmoon (Daughter, desceased), Cloudjumper (Daughter, desceased), Crowpaw (Son, desceased)

Extras: In StarClan, she waits for Razeclaw's death so that she can be with her mate again.