Name: Bramblepaw (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Dark Forest / Apprentice

Appearance: Bramblepaw is a light brown tabby tom with a cream-coloured muzzle, chest, underbelly, and hind paws. He has a long tail and fox-like ears, both with creamish tips. He has pale amber eyes that are smeared with darker amber. He has a lithe build, and has slender legs. He has dark stripes that seem to cascade like water over his flanks. Under those stripes are dark-yet-pale dapples.

Personality: Bramblepaw acts sweet and innocent, but is actually sadistic and murderous. He is easily bored, and will make someone do something embarrassing just to entertain him. He's good at getting his way, but only because he threatens cats to do what he wants. He loves seeing cats in pain, and often sits and watches them suffer. Despite being a Dark Forest cat, he can wander the place where LakeClan lives, but can't touch anyone with his claws. He hates not being able to hurt anyone, and hates StarClan for not believing his reason for killing his sister. He hates kits.

History: Bramblepaw was born to two warriors - Lavender and Streamleap - in LakeClan, along with his sister Lilykit. Bramblekit and Lilykit left camp to explore, and Bramblekit suggested that Lilykit jump into the Lake. She did, and Bramblekit, by some unknown motive, held her head underwater and drowned her. No one but Bramblekit knows, because he lied and said she left camp and he tried to get her back. Ravenkit was suspicious, but Bramblekit threatened him and he stayed quiet. When Bramblepaw became an apprenice, he tried to take this chance to kill Ravenkit, but he himself was killed by a Clan cat that was defending Ravenkit. Instead of StarClan, like he expected, he woke in the Dark Forest. He claims that Lilykit had greencough, and he wanted to rid of the sickness before it spread, but his claims were told off as false.

Family: Lavender (mother, deceased), Streamleap (father, deceased), Lilykit (sister, deceased)

Extras: He actually misses his family.