Name: Blossompaw (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Dark Forest / Apprentice

Appearance: Blossompaw is a light-brown she-cat with creamy-brown markings on her flanks, chest, and hind legs. She has clear green eyes. With a lithe frame and slender legs, she can run and chase quickly, often catching whoever she aims to catch.

'Personality': Blossompaw is soft and sweet, and likes to sit around quietly. She's often taunted by the other Dark Forest cats, and likes to keep to herself for this reason. She wants to escape the forest and depart to StarClan, but she can't find the exit. She begs Bramblepaw to show her the way out, but he always refuses, saying "Maybe next time!" before leaving. She is kind and would never even think of hurting someone, much less kill them. She can't stand seeing someone in pain and wants to heal them, but she knows it'll probably get her kicked out of the Dark Forest into the forgotten void, so she only smiles weakly and runs away, trying to act as if the cat wasn't in any pain, as if they didn't suffer.

History: Blossompaw was born to Crowfrost and Lilyripple. Lilyripple loved her only kit with all her heart, and so did Crowfrost. But the she-cat that was in love with Crowfrost, Lightmoon, wanted to get revenge on Lilyripple for "stealing" Crowfrost from her. Lightmoon lured and tried to kill Blossomkit, but Lilyripple dived in front of her daughter to save her, getting killed in place of Blossomkit. No one knew the truth, and Blossomkit didn't understand until she became an apprentice. She had been apprenticed to her mother's murderer, and on the introduction of the territory, Lightmoon managed to pin Blossompaw to a tree and explain everything to her in cold detail. Blossompaw's belly was sliced open, and Lightmoon knew she could blame a rogue, but when Crowfrost showed up to see his precious daughter dying and with Lightmoon's paws stained with blood, the grief-striken warrior killed Lightmoon in his rage. Crowfrost desperately tried to save his only kit, but he couldn't, and she died. Lightmoon's revenge wasn't over yet; she shoved Blossompaw into the Dark Forest and sealed the exit shut, and the apprentice couldn't get out. Lightmoon, however, was punished and sent to the forgotten. Blossompaw continues to try and escape the forest, and she's the youngest cat there.

Family: Crowfrost (father, status unknown); Lilyripple (mother, deceased)

Death: Killed by Lightmoon