Name: Blazefur (RPed by Whitefeather)


Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Nimble, lithe ginger-and-white she-cat with soft fur and pale, clear blue eyes. Her fur is extremely downy and soft, and she has a hard time keeping her fur clean.

Personality: Blazefur has a sharp tongue, and is not afraid to insult cats that are not from the Clan, not including the medicine cat, Jaysong. However, she is a very loyal warrior of LakeClan, and was devastated when she found out about her heritage. Angry, she killed her father, and made away with her secret. Many cats do not guess that she and Firetail are siblings.

History: Blazefur was Clanborn, and very loyal to the warrior code. As a kit, she always wondered why her mother was there, but not her father. When she was an apprentice, she found out - her mother met with a tom from NightClan, and they acted like mates. She was devastated, while on the other hand, Firetail saw no shame in it. In a battle, she killed him, and made it look like he had drowned.

Family: Heronheart (mother, desceased); Wildfire (father, desceased); Firetail (brother, alive)