Name: Ashwhisker (RPed by Flights)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Ashwhisker is a short-furred dark-grey she-cat with soft, turquoise eyes. She has a short tail, a nick in her left ear, and small white paws.

Personality: Ashwhisker is kind and gentle toward her kit, and will fiercely defend her kit with her life. Toward other cats, Ashwhisker is snappish and hates when cats don't do what she says. She doesn't like when others insult her or Echopaw, and she will retort using her claws. Secretly, she wishes for Echopaw to have a father, because she lied to Echopaw about how her father died, but Ashwhisker doesn't show affection to anyone but her daughter. Ashwhisker hates water, which is ironic, as she is a pure-blooded LakeClan cat. Ashwhisker used to take Echopaw out of camp to take a walk.

History: Ashwhisker was born to two LakeClan cats, who both died the day after she was born. She was raised by an abusive queen named Berrynose, who cared more about her own kits than Ashwhisker. When Ashwhisker became an apprentice, she always felt alone and distant. That is, until Thunderpaw came along. She started to like him, and when they became warriors, the two became mates. Before Echokit was even born, Thunderheart was exiled for something he didn't do, and he died shortly after. From there on, after Echokit was born, Ashwhisker always told her daughter that Thunderheart had died bravely in a battle with rogues. Ashwhisker felt horrible about lying to her only kit, but she didn't want her to know the truth.

Family: Her daughter is Echokit, her former mate was Thunderheart, and her foster mother was Berrynose.

Extras: None